Bargain Thread 2014

Reviews I’ve read have said the early promise of the premise is squandered pretty quickly.

The powerful promise of the premise peters out pretty precipitously?


The pellet with the poison’s in the Vessel with the Pestle… *

*from The Court Jester (fantastic 1950’s comedy with Danny Kaye and a young hot Angela Lansbury if you can believe it).

I was thinking of the pellet with the poison in the vessel with the pestle and the flagon with dragon that has the brew that is true when I wrote that, actually. I just couldn’t think of a way to link to it that wouldn’t baffle most readers.

Steam Stoday: Sir, You Are Being Hunted - $5.00 - (75% off).
[indent]QT3 thread 1. QT3 thread 2. Very important game here, it seems.[/indent]
Secret Steam: Shattered Haven - $2.49 - (75% off).
[indent]From Arcen. Linux version released today. Dunno how long the sale price will last.[/indent]

Playstation Store (North America) flash sale for the weekend.
20 titles for 99 cents each. Mostly classics, but a few others like Double Dragon Neon.

The RPS review was fairly glowing, as I recall.

The RPS review was fairly glowing, as I recall.

How is Rome II at this point? Have patches fixed some of the release issues or are there more entrenched design flaws?

The DLC is half off at GMG:

The DLC for Total War Rome II is half off at GamersGate, too.

The new version of Rise of the Triad is on sale at Steam. Worth 3 bucks?

Warlock 2 is 50% ($15) off on Steam for today only. I seem to remember it not being terribly well-received here. Anyone have an opinion on it? I liked the first one a lot, though I got a little bored with it before Armageddon Mode came along and spiced it back up again.

It’s largely MOTS, and the tepid reaction was based more on the $30 price point, I think. At $15 it’s not a bad deal.

If you got bored of the original warlock, would this new game have enough “newness” to entertain or is basically the same game with minor improvements?

If you’re bored of Warlock, you’ll be bored of Warlock 2.

Lori Singer was great in Warlock with that goofy old-age makeup, and they dropped her out of Warlock 2. But they kept Julian Sands, and he holds the whole thing together. I greatly enjoyed Warlock 2. Great oldschool campy gore-filled horror.

I got bored of Warlock but had fun in my 1 Exile campaign in Warlock 2 where I made it to the end. That might have given me 15-20 hours. I haven’t had the desire to play it again though.

I think warlock 2 might be a $5 title. Id pick it up for the time I was really bored and didn’t have any other games to play.

I just bought Warlock 2 at 50% off for 14.99 USD and I am inclined to agree with you. I was curious as to how it compares to the original and my curiosity got the better of me. I should have waited for a further price reduction.