Bargain Thread 2014

New Titanium Bundle over at $4.99 nets you:
[li]Murder Miners 4-pack[/li][li]Guacamelee! Gold Edition[/li][li]Puddle[/li][li]Wooden Sen’SaY[/li][li]Super Lemonade Factory[/li][li]Space Farmers 2-pack[/li][li]Terrorhedron[/li][li]Kill Fun Yeah[/li][li]Project Root[/li][li]Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent[/li][/ul]

Note that 5 out of 10 games have Steam Trading Cards, which means a healthy rebate on the $4.99 purchase price.

Absolutely! Thanks for posting it. I am glad I held out on Van Helsing and CK2 to this point (my backlog kept telling me NO). $5 to snag both games plus all the other stuff is a STEAL.



In celebration of H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday tomorrow, DriveThruRPG is offering 25% off Lovecraft-inspired publications. Which is pretty much everything with either “Cthulhu” or “horror” in the title, apparently. :)

Nothing to see here. Move along. These are not the bargains you’re looking for!

That reminds me of Cryptic Comet’s Occult Chronicles, which isn’t on sale, but what the hey, I’ll add a link here. QT3 thread.

Question: That Age of Empires bundle in the Humble Bundle…can I register 2 and 3 separately? I already have AOE3 complete…

Playstation Network, North America:

Pinball Arcade and 4 tables are free. It isn’t F2P on these systems.
These are the same tables they offered for a penny back during Steam’s summer sale.

50% off the Season 1 table pack.

They aren’t cross-buy, so grab one for every system you might get someday. :)

Thanks for the Humble Bundle heads up.

BTW, any experiences with that Hard Truck Apocalypse game I mentioned above and Zenoclash 2?

Thanks for the reminder. $15 for season one isn’t bad at all.

I don’t know with absolute certainty, but it’s my understanding that since the Legacy Bundle has its own store entry on Steam, it would most likely be a single key to redeem.

Well, I took the advice to try the demo and can safely say that I would have joined you had it not been for that. There’s no way in hell I can muster up enough caring to make it through that tutorial. Sorry, AI War.

I haven’t actually played Hard Truck Apocalypse, though it looks really appealing. Zeno Clash II is a very strange first-person brawler with fish guns and a bracelet that summons death rays from the sun, among other toys. It’s also balls hard even on easy and even in two player coop, which is I think probably the most ideal way to experience it. (Its predecessor does not have coop, alas.) It’s worth checking out but I for one am not good enough to beat it.

Steam today: Eldritch - $2.99 - (80% off)
[indent]Eldritch is a first-person action game inspired by roguelikes, immersive sims, and H. P. Lovecraft.[/indent]

2K weekend sale. Main store page. Publisher page.
Check the entire catalog here.
Daily special for today is Civilization V The Complete Edition - $16.49 - (67% off). Individual pieces are 75% off.

Titanfall is $20 on Origin..

I didn’t bite.

Huh, 2K has a smaller catalog than I thought. Then again, I only noticed them for publishing Civ4/5 and XCOM, so that shouldn’t have been as surprising as it was.

Why is Railroad Tycoon 3 not on sale?

New Humble Weekly has One Finger Death Punch for a dollar. I don’t know anything about the rest of these games, but I would be surprised if OFDP isn’t the highlight of the bundle.

I’d be curious for any impressions on Stick it to the Man or Hand of Fate. The base tier looks like a no-brainer, but those two both have intriguing concepts depending on how good the execution is.

It has huge compatibility issues with 64-bit OS and Windows 7 and 8 systems.

Aww… ah well, probably wouldn’t have played it anyway.