Bargain Thread 2014

Used Xbone gaems.

But yeah, too late.

Says $50 for me.

Big sale on the previous Borderlands games and DLC on Amazon right now. Unlocks on Steam.

Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 Free on GOG

You need to sign up to beta test their new Galaxy platform here:

How to get the game for free? Simply sign up for the next stage of GOG Galaxy beta tests and an e-mail with your activation code will be sent to you within the next few days. You’ll be helping us to analyze and improve the performance of the multiplayer component of GOG Galaxy, our DRM-free online gaming platform, by playing this acclaimed dynamic first person shooter! The game will be added to your account and yours to keep forever. Don’t wait - you can only sign up until Friday, October 17, at 9:59AM GMT.


They’ve been saying that the beta testing of the Witcher board game would be coming to an end soon, so I guess this is the replacement.

Steam today: Deponia: The Complete Journey - $13.59 - (66% off).
[indent]Just look at all the awards it won![/indent]
Steam yesterday: SUNLESS SEA - $12.72 - (33% off). Early Access.
[indent]From the guys who gave us Fallen London.[/indent]
Steam midweek #1: Tomb Raider franchise. 80% off every single game.

Steam midweek #2: Abyss Odyssey - $7.49 - (50% off). QT3 thread
[indent]Procedurally generated side-scrolling platformer with complex fighting mechanics. And interesting art.[/indent]

still catching up…here’s the link to the Steam Weeklong sale page. I’ll be lazy and just list a few interesting games:
Bulletstorm, Octodad, 100% Orange Juice,
Skulls of the Shogun, Waking Mars, Advanced Tactics Gold.

Too bad the individual Deponia games aren’t on sale; I already have the first two. They’re quite good (if you like point and click adventure games).

New $2.50 bundle @

Most titles aren’t worth writing about, but it has Jets n’ Guns Gold. That one’s pretty awesome IMO. The chompy game was mildly amusing to play with kids.

Since I already had a Playfire account setup and connected to Steam I took advantage and nabbed X-Com : Enemy Within for $6. Thanks for posting the promo!

I don’t think you have to vote for the awards if you already have X-Com : Enemy Unknown. You just have to have or setup a Playfire account and link it to your Steam account. Then just play 60 minutes of Enemy Unkown (or complete the tutorial if you’ve never previously played) and you’ll get the reward voucher emailed to you. I played my existing copy of Enemy Unknown for about 15 minutes, then let it idle for 45 while watching TV, and almost immediately received an email from Playfire/GMG with the code for 80% off Enemy Within (making it $6).

Free weekend for 10 games has started on Steam.

◾Blade Symphony
◾Company of Heroes 2
◾Don’t Starve
◾Grid 2
◾Injustice: Gods Among Us
◾Killing Floor
◾Payday 2
◾Trine 2
◾XCOM: Enemy Unknown

All free to download and try for the weekend. All are on sale as well.

I keep hearing good things about Payday 2, gotta give that a whirl.

I love the idea of the Payday games, but I really have to resist! I bought Payday 1 and never really got to play it. I still don’t have a group of people to play with so I know Payday 2 would go the same route. Viva la resistance!

That’s a generous free weekend. They should do this regularly and work it into a “bundle” marketing campaign.

Payday 2 is amazing and you should buy immediately. (If you have friends to play with).

I’ve had about 98% of my PD2 time with pubs and it has been decent-to-good overall, so don’t necessarily let the idea of not having others to play with hold you back. You can get by just fine with the base game (though the DLC that adds grenades is really, really nice to have) and with the refinements it has gotten over time is a worthwhile experience.

Payday 1 is also free forever if you add it to your account today. Personally I preferred the first game so this is a great offer if you’re not free for heisting this weekend.


Holy crap, it is today, and not the 18th!

Got Payday 2 on PS3 from Plus…wonder if it’s busier on PC than PS3.

Steam today: Strike Vector - $2.99 - (75% off).
[indent]Latest user reviews on Steam says that this is a great multiplayer FPS shooter with nobody on the servers. Everyone, buy and join in and play! (Not me I play everything by myself. Now get out!)[/indent]

Krazykroc seemed to have enjoyed the game before abandoning it because of lack of players.

Payday 2 is very busy on PC. I only recently kicked my PD2 habit after 6 months of playing pretty regularly, and I was always able to find a game within 30 seconds on the map of my choice at the difficulty level of my choice. I can’t speak to PS3, but the community is vibrant as hell on PC.