Bargain Thread 2014


The 6 free gifts are kind of meh, IMHO. Might get me to try out Nosgoth.


Anyone have an Enemy Within 80% off coupon they don’t want? I jumped through hoops voting, registering an account on Playfire, linking my Steam account to it, and I played the game for a couple hours only to get nada. Turns out I already had a Playfire account I must of made years ago, but I linked Steam to the new one and blah blah customer service not even responding blah blah, but if Steam is connected to the new one why doesn’t it show any games huh blahhh? Die in a…er…get water poured on you Playfire!


Yup! Check your PMs. :)


Awesome, thanks a ton! Loved Enemy Unknown when it first came out, been wanting to revisit it with all the added content.


Naturally. How else could I buy stuff in bed.


Steam today: Road Not Taken - $7.49 - (50% off).
[indent]Road Not Taken is a roguelike puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises.. I looked for a QT3 thread, but I found a poem instead.[/indent]
Steam weeklong this week. Anything interesting to me?
[li]1C Space Games Collection - $13.99 - (60% off). Space Ranger HD, Star Wolves 1-3, UFO Aftermath/Aftershock, and some others.[/li][li]Tales of Maj’Eyal - $4.89 - (30% off). QT3 thread[/li][/ul]


This is a great deal except for The Tomorrow War, which was absolute shit.


This is a great deal except for The Tomorrow War, which was absolute shit.


New Humble Flash Bundle is up supporting Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network. Pretty cool set of stuff on offer this time…

Donate $1 or more and receive:

[li]Potatoman Seeks the Troof[/li][li]Trove Closed Beta - Humble/Extra Life Starter Pack[/li][li]Defiance - Humble/Extra Life Starter Pack[/li][li]Lone Survivor Director’s Cut[/li][li]Twitch Turbo 30-Day subscription[/li][li]reddit Gold 30-day subscription[/li][li]Landmark 1-week Closed Beta Access key[/li][/ul]

Donate $6 or more and receive:

[li]You Don’t Know Jack Classic Pack[/li][li]King Arthur’s Gold[/li][li]SpeedRunners (Early Access)[/li][li]Rift - Humble/Extra Life Starter Pack[/li][/ul]

Donate $13 or more and add:

[li]Nom Nom Galaxy (Early Access)[/li][li]Three additional copies of King Arthur’s Gold to gift[/li][/ul]

New Weekly Bundle over at is for all you closet equestrians! Pay $1.99 for a limited time and receive Steam keys for:
[li]Secret of the Magic Crystals[/li][li]Secret of the Magic Crystals - The Race (DLC)[/li][li]Rabbit Hole 3D[/li][li]Triblaster[/li][li]Antisquad[/li][li]Roboblitz[/li][li]Frederic : Resurrection of Music[/li][li]Playing History - The Plague (sounds FUN!)[/li][/ul]

Finally, has a couple of new bundles up for grabs:

The Destiny Bundle (does not contain Destiny) is $3.99 for Steam keys to:
[li]FATE : The Traitor Soul[/li][li]Haegmonia Double Pack[/li][li]Post Master[/li][li]Commando Jack[/li][li]Battleplan : American Civil War[/li][li]Warring States Tactics[/li][li]Zoo Park[/li][li]Nicole (Otome Version) Deluxe Edition[/li][/ul]

The Supernatural Bundle is also $3.99 and nets you Steam keys for:
[li]Splatter : Blood Red Edition[/li][li]Blackbay Asylum[/li][li]Dracula Trilogy[/li][li]Dracula 4 and 5 Steam Special Editions[/li][li]Into the Dark : Ultimate Trash Edition[/li][li]Larva Mortus[/li][li]Necronomicon : Dawning of Darkness[/li][li]Pixel Puzzles : Undeadz[/li][li]White Noise Online[/li][li]Zombie Solitaire (because being a zombie is boring with a lot of downtime)[/li][/ul]

The Art of War Bundle features a whole bunch of older strategy titles for only $2.99…
[li]American Conquest[/li][li]American Conquest Fight Back[/li][li]Cossacks : European War[/li][li]Cossacks : Campaign Expansion DLC[/li][li]Cossacks : Back to War[/li][li]Cossacks : Art of War[/li][li]Cossacks 2 : Battle for Europe[/li][li]Cossacks 2 : Napoleonic Wars[/li][/ul]


How is King Arthur’s Gold for co-op?


Looks like I’m about to raise some unicorns.


I was legitimately happy to see that in there. I wound up with the base game from some bundle or other, and my daughter has been playing it and asking for the DLC, but $5 seemed pretty steep for it.


Well, must be noted that the GMG VIP ain’t working in the UK.


US VPN, maybe?


Bundle Stars must be trying to gain some followers. Shadow of Mordor is $33 for the next two days or so.


Anyone get the season pass? Does it add anything worthwhile for $16?


Okay now GMG VIP is working here just fine. Odd.

(I…mm…well, cleared my browser page history but not cookies/logins, that’s about it! I suppose it might just have come live here…)


Use the money you save on that deal to add’s Lord of the Rings Bundle to your purchase. $9.99 for Steam keys to:
[li]LEGO Lord of the Rings
[/li][li]LEGO The Hobbit
[/li][li]LEGO The Hobbit Complete DLC Pack
[/li][li]Lord of the Rings War In the North
[/li][li]Guardians of Middle Earth Starter Kit
[/li][li]Guardians of Middle Earth Smaug’s Treasure upgrade pack

Also at and just in time for Halloween is the FEAR Bundle. $7.99 for all things FEAR franchise:
[/li][li]FEAR Extraction Point DLC
[/li][li]FEAR Perseus Mandate DLC
[/li][li]FEAR 2 : Project Origin
[/li][li]FEAR 2 : Reborn DLC
[/li][li]FEAR 3


GMG VIP changed – Beyond Earth, Alien Isolation, SoM: Season Pass, and Evil Within are discounted. DA:Inquisition is gone. Someone post if you spot it back up again. :(


I don’t see how. I loved the game, but it’s a 35 hour orc killing simulator. What could they add?