Bargain Thread 2014

Not really, I checked when I played and a good 400+ people were playing the campaign, which I was pretty shocked to see.

Also as of patch 4 , the 2 titans that were locked until you complete the campaigns, are now unlocked once you reach levels 15 and 30.

Maybe but the money grab dlc is probably petered out and is divisive in the first place so…call me crazy but I am thinking the ship has basically sailed here.

Interesting that Amazon lists the regular price for the Titanfall download code as $40, when their boxed copies are only $20. Origin also shows it as $20, currently on sale for $15.

Also, Titanfall is currently part of Origin’s Game Time promotion where you can play it free for 48 hours. That may be helping the population numbers a bit.

Which is why they’re getting what they can now.

Lego Hobbit just got its price drop, 5$ on GMG today, and can be combined with a voucher.

The Steam sale ends in a couple hours.

Steam today: the only dating game you need to play: Hatoful Boyfriend - $4.99 - (50% off). QT3 thread (nostalgia level has increased!).

Steam weeklongs. Hope I didn’t check too early this time.
[li]Blackguards - $13.59 - (66% off). (Wasn’t this just on sale at Halloween?)
[/li][li]Realms of the Haunting - $2.49 - (75% off). It’s like QT3 retro thread is tied to the Steam weeklongs or something…
[/li][li]Men of War: Assault Squad - $3.74 - (75% off).
[/li][li]World War II Collection by 1C - $17.49 - (75% off). Includes the above Men of War plus a whole lot of other similar games.
[/li][li]Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising - $0.99 - (90% off)
[/li][li]Panzer Tactics HD - $4.99 - (50% off)
[/li][li]Always Remember Me - $6.11 - (66% off)

Skyrim $5 and Oblivion Game of the Year Deluxe $8.50 at Green Man Gaming.

Is there any reason to play Oblivion if I thought Skyrim was just OK due to the poor combat?

Steam today: Gauntlet (2014) - $13.39 - (33% off).
[indent]This game isn’t even 2 months old! But hey, couch coop.[/indent]
Steam midweek #1: Shadow Warrior (2013) - $9.99 - (75% off).

Steam midweek #2: Banished - $9.99 - (50% off).

Nope. You should be burned at the stake for blasphemy, but if you didn’t enjoy Skyrim you won’t like Oblivion.

There were aspects of Skyrim I enjoyed - like the exploration, but as a whole I just found it Ok. I really wish Bethesda would figure out how to make better combat. I didn’t know if there was anything Oblivion did better than Skyrim.

Any recommendations on Shadow Warrior? Is it all hack and slash or is there some story or adventure / exploration game-play?

Nope. Skyrim combat was much improved.

Combat in Skyrim is definitely an improvement over Oblivion. Just as much as Oblivion’s combat was over Morrowind’s. The only thing I would suggest, on the small chance that you’re playing Skyrim via mouse and keyboard, is to suggest that you give it another shot using a gamepad. Most of the improvements on combat in both Oblivion and then Skyrim are on the gamepad side. So just keep an open mind and try it with the gamepad.

If you were already on gamepad, ignore everything I just said.

I’m not sure I ever tried it with a gamepad. After 3 false starts, I did finally play through a significant portion of Skyrim last year, but is was M&K.

The current Humble Indie Bundle added The Novelist, Eldritch, and Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack to the BTA. I haven’t played the other two, but I quite enjoyed MBA on Vita.

Hacking, slashing, slicing, dicing… that’s pretty much what a Shadow Warrior game is. It’s old school, but a lot of fun if you’re in the mood for that.

There are hidden easter eggs, like naked anime girls bathing behind waterfalls and such (a throwback to the original game), if you want to call that “exploration”. :)

Definitely no exploration or adventure. It’s an old-school arena shooter.

Not really. OTOH, you may want to pick up a cheap copy of Oblivion just to check out some of the cooler mods, like Nehrim.

Roguelike Tales of Maj’Eyal is currently $3.49 over on GOG.

Deal lasts until Friday, November 7, at 2:59PM GMT.

You can also pick up The Ashes of Urh’Rok expansion on GOG for $3.99 (not currently discounted).


Steam today: Worms Collection Feb 2014 - $17.99 - (80% off).
[indent]There is probably no need to buy them all. Each game/DLC is 80% off also.[/indent]