Bargain Thread 2015

Van Helsing 1 and its DLC is all 66% off also. I picked up the complete pack of 1 and 2 with all DLC for $13, after reading that it was a story-driven ARPG with lots of character that nobody would ever want to play more than once and realizing that sounded really attractive.

Steam today: SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition - $4.99 - 75% off.
[indent]This is the famous version-before-the-one-that-EA-shat-all-over. i.e. playable offline.[/indent]

IndieGala has a Hostile Reaction Bundle up. For $1.49 minimum for the first 24 hours you get Steam keys for:

[li]Commando Jack[/li][li]Eurofighter Typhoon[/li][li]CT Special Forces : Fire for Effect[/li][li]Incoming Forces[/li][li]Hostile Waters : Antaeus Rising[/li][li]Platypus[/li][li]Chernobyl Chronicles[/li][li]Desert Thunder[/li][li]Glacier 3 : The Meltdown[/li][li]Hyper Fighters[/li][/ul]
Even better, buy in the first 24 hours and they will throw in a second copy of all the games in the bundle for you to gift to a friend.

While you are there check out the Every Monday Bundle where for $1.99 you can score:

[li]Space Salvager[/li][li]Eternal Winter[/li][li]Why So Evil[/li][li]CubeZ[/li][li]Claustrophobia[/li][li]Krater + DLC[/li][/ul]
Krater is worth $2 by itself, especially if you can convince a couple of friends to play co-op with you.

Groupees has a “Lovecraftian” bundle up. I dunno if any of this stuff is any good…probably not, but it might be worth a buck to see for Lovecraft fans.

The first game The Wasted Land is on iOS…it was ok. Certainly worth a buck anyway. Squad based tactical game.

Steam today: 3DMark - $4.99 - 80% off.
[indent]One reviewer calls this “the most pay-to-win game I have ever played”.[/indent]

Steam weekend #1: Anime sale. ??? Because a new anime season is upon us? Notables:
[li]STRIDER - $7.49 - 50% off.[/li][li]Hateful Days pair: Analogue and Hate Plus - $4.99 - 75% off. Cheaper than the xmas sale.[/li][li]The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - $13.99 - 30% off. Officially misnamed QT3 thread[/li][li]Ys I & II Chronicles+ - $5.09 - 66% off. All Ys games 66% off.[/li][li]Hatoful Boyfriend - $5.99 - 40% off.[/li][li]THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII STEAM EDITION - $7.49 - 75% off.[/li][li]…and many more[/li][/ul]

Steam weekend #2: Planetary Annihilation - $5.99 - 80% off.

So, for you PA dislikers, is it worth $6?

Edit: I mean that a lot of the bellyaching about the game I feel like had a lot to do with kickstarter backers feel like they were getting less than they were promised, and not as much bang for the buck as expected. If I played it with no baggage and only paid $6, would that mean I would be able to just enjoy it and not feel like it was a waste of money?

I still can’t save my single player game, so I’ve not touched it since I discovered that.

I highly recommend the Analogue/Hate Plus pack and every Ys game.

This is better:

OMG that mullet. bwhahahaha

Thanks Brian, I was wondering about that myself. I still haven’t really played SupCom 2 so I’ll just keep that in my backlog in case I get the TA itch.

I do think that the sales serve another purpose; they allow younger gamers to try out different types of games that they might not have ever tried before. Overtime as a new generation grows up I hope that this aspect will continue.

Right now the sales are reaching the saturation point but future kids might be interested in those games. Of course the other side to this is who inherits their parent’s Steam account? That will be interesting to watch; if you inherit then you do not need a sale for the older stuff.

I suppose the same applies to Amazon and iTune et al.

Yes, my steam account will be a part of my heritage to my children. :P

OMG - I have to choose someone to inherit my Steam account?

Yes. The only thing is, it is not possible to split the games in a Steam account (if you have >1 children).

Hopefully we will be part of the singularity by the time I depart my physical form, and everyone can just download games to their brain.

By which time, Lizard Squad will be trying to hack your brain to run malware.

Screw the kids, I want my PC and all my Steam games piled high around my funeral pyre so that I can take them all with me into the afterlife. Maybe then I’ll finally have time to play my backlog.

Just think of the time you’d save vs. actually playing the games! ;-)

GreenManGAming brought back their VIP deals
Pillars of Eternity: $34
Batman Arkham Knight: $45
Total War: Attila: $35
and more