Bargain Thread 2015


The Deluxe Edition probably isn’t worth the $5 extra. Ultimately you’re getting an in-game cosmetic item (the Rytlock miniature) and some other temporary, useless, or easily procured items.

The regular edition is well worth the $10.


Steam today: Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 - $3.99 - 50% off.
[indent]Ok what’s the deal with this game getting overwhelmingly positive response? The review comments are pretty entertaining by themselves.[/indent]


It’s a YouTube fodder game. For the lulz.



If it’s not on Steam, it ain’t worth shit! No Steam version, no sale.




I’ll tell you what IS on Steam. :-P

Today: Grim Dawn - $13.99 - 50% off. Early Access.
[indent]These guys did Titan Quest, if you don’t know that… Cheaper at Humble Store - $12.49
QT3 thread.[/indent]


Well fuck me, that’s less than I paid to Kickstart the game!


Steam today: Pro Cycling Manager 2014 - $14.95 - 66% off.
[indent]Oddly, this daily special expires over 5 days from now. Is this a new Steam policy change? Grim Dawn’s sale, yesterday’s daily, will end tomorrow…[/indent]

Steam weeklongs. I don’t have much time this week, but lemme do a quick scan:
[li]Faerie Solitaire - $0.49 - 95% off. [indent]Better than most free-to-play games.[/indent][/li][li]One Way Heroics - $0.87 - 75% off.[/li][li]Silent Storm Gold Edition - $2.49 - 75% off.[/li][li]REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR - $3.99 - 60% off. [indent]2D shooter with 3D rotation mechanics. Just watch the trailer.[/li][li]The Typing of The Dead: Overkill - $4.99 - 75% off. [indent]Best typing game of this decade. (If I’m wrong, post link. I’ll buy it!)[/indent][/li][li]A bunch of stuff we’ve seen before, like Toki Tori, EDGE, Star Wolves, Two Worlds II…[/li][/ul]


This is an amazing game guys. Amazing.


I don’t know if this qualifies as a bargain, but maybe someone will save some money.

Star Citizen is free to try until March 15th.



Yay, long load times and crazy flight models for free!


At this point, I wouldn’t care if they sell it for a $1 as long as they get enough to finish the game. I backed this on the devs’ website in 2009, I think.


Play now for free, my starlord.


Silent Storm Gold edition is $2.49 on Steam. Worth it?


Silent Storm is easily worth that much assuming the Steam version runs OK. The original game wouldn’t run on PCs with more than 3GB of RAM without a patch. I would hope they fixed that before releasing it on Steam, but I haven’t tried that version.


If you like WWII themed turn based squad level games with a really tight combat engine, yes.


If you like games like JA2 or XCOM, yeah. Silent Storm Gold seems to come without Starforce DRM too, I hope they’ll release Hammer&Sickle and Nightwatch on Steam next.


I’m in then, since JA2 and XCOM are on my top 10 list of favorite games!


Hey, question about Green Man Gaming’s specials and such: am I correct in assuming that the %23 off coupons (and the like) can’t be combined with the VIP prices?


Correct, as the VIP deals are already heavily discounted.