Bargain Thread 2016

And despite meaning to, I somehow managed to space getting that and the OST while it was on sale. Grrrrr. I could kick myself.

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence is the Deal of the Day at Green Man Gaming. It is priced at $23.99 which is 60% off its regular price of $59.99.

Edit: The price was just reduced an additional 10% off.

Sphere of Influence is very tempting at this price. FYI, the 60% off applies only to VIPs, so if you’re not logged in with your VIP account it will only show up as 50% off.

I’ve been curious about Nobunaga’s Ambition for a bit. Might take a look. Has anyone here given it a spin?

Search for Norabunga Ambition on QT3. :) Really.

Yeah, since we moved to Discord, the search functionality actually…gasp…works…

For certain values of works. Pulling up the Origin thread to post about the Myanmar ban took 5 seconds on Google with a site limiter and didn’t turn up at all with Discourse search no matter what I tried, as well as being deadly slow.

Also, clicking thread titles from Search seems to drop me in at a completely random point in the thread (at the last, I can’t make heads or tails of it)

Nice to know my legacy is secure.

Humble Store has an Iceberg Interactive Weekend Sale happening. Deals on many games including:

  • Endless Legend Classic for $8.74 (75%)
  • Endless Legends Shadows Expansion for $3.24 (75%)
  • In what appears to be a pricing error, Endless Legend Guardians Expansion is only $0.74! It’s usually $9.99 on Steam. Grab it while you can.
  • Endless Space Gold is $8.74 (75%)
  • All StarDrive games are 60%-75% off
  • Many more titles in the sale as well.

Bundlestars has a Game of Thrones Bundle for $6.79 that consists of both Cyanide’s Game of Thrones RPG and the Game of Thrones : Genesis strategy game. The GoT RPG was pretty good, two separate well-written plotlines bring the GoT story to life. The Genesis RTS was a little less polished. A unique (and a bit wonky) take on the genre that wasn’t very well implemented, it’s still kind of neat just from the perspective of playing a strategy game in the history of the Song of Ice and Fire universe. For less than $7 the bundle is a good deal for GoT fans who missed picking up either game previously.

GOG sale up.

Nothing particularly mindbending just yet in terms of bargains, but if you missed previous sales then there are a bunch of repeats.

Also GamersGate running a sale with some big discounts on older/lesser known titles.

This has been adjusted to $2.49 now.

Game has progressed positively and has a nice discount today.

Oh, KeeperRL is great. Remember you can get the free ASCII version (“demo”) from here:

Bought KeeperRL. Thanks for the heads up.

This is good!

SteamWorld Heist currently $12.50 for the next 23 hours from

OR $9.49 over at wingamestore with discount code pcgames5off

A Boy and His Blob is 67% off on GOG.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is now free to keep if you grab it here in the next 30 days:

I loved this game. It distills the Far Cry formula down into a tight fun experience and injects a ton of humor and playful self-deprecation.

And it’s full of 80’s cheese. The soundtrack is BOSS.