Bargain Thread 2017


So with a weakish Christmas Steam sale leading us into 2017. Happy new year, everyone!!!

With over 2.2K posts for the Bargain thread 2016, what 2017 will bring for the game bargain hunters/collectors? Time will tell…


I’m guessing that Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be on sale for $19.99 AGAIN and Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky will be on sale for $9.99, AGAIN.


Exactly what kind of deals would it take for you to not consider it weak? Almost all the games on my wishlist were 50-85% off.


Yep, seemed like here in our 2016 bargain thread and in the Steam sale damage thread…and elsewhere in general folks were very happy with the deals in the Steam sale at the end of 2016.


Oh I am generally happy too. But I’m waiting for a bigger discount on those two games but whenever they go on sale it’s always exactly 50% off. Whenever I get the notification I don’t even need to check my mail to know what price they’re at.


I wouldn’t call it weak. I passed on several games on my wishlist because I felt they weren’t cheap enough to warrant them sitting in my backlog for weeks/months, but I can’t blame Steam for that.


GMG has the new DOOM for $16 (use code GMG15) thx slickdeals!


I was hoping at least some of the DLC for TW:Warhammer would have been on sale. No dice. :(


Steam sales have definitely been weaker because they don’t do the daily/flash sales anymore. Of course now we get refunds (if we don’t abuse the privilege too much). So, partial win?


As someone who loved deep discounts but never refunds anything…not really. But YMMV.


One thing I will note that is relevant to this thread: If you are on twitter follow Wario64, he finds the bargains faster than anyone I know.


I can’t believe how many times I’ve added Master of Orion to my cart at GreenManGaming only to take it out. I have to keep reminding myself that it is serviceable but not noteworthy and probably doesn’t really offer any reason to buy since I have Endless Space, Gal Civ 2 & 3, MOO 1 & 2, Space Empires 4 and 5, and Stars in Shadow. Endless Space 2 shouldn’t be too far away.

I think if it had turn-based tactical combat I’d take the plunge for $12.80 at GMG.



What it leads to is encouraging people to buy… questionable games on steam and games they are very sure they will not refund from other sources (GMG, gray market).

But if you’re being careful with what you buy, that means you are buying almost nothing from steam, only games that are basically steam exclusive and the VERY rare time when steam sales are better than others, generally older games only.


My thoughts exactly.

With my steam library sitting at over 1.3K games, I had a lot of backlog to work through, although as a game collector, the sales is kind weakish compare to couple years ago, especially for the newer indie games. Actually, a lot of the indie games I’m interested in are not discounted deep enough for me to bite, so I will wait for bundle most of the time.


No one is being “encouraged” to buy grey-market keys. That’s entirely on the people buying them, so don’t try to justify questionably-sourced purchases by blaming Steam for not discounting games enough for your tastes.


I’ve put things in my cart a few times but I am just not feeling any purchases. Nothing that’s cheap is anything I’m likely to play soon. It might be my first Steam sale where I don’t bother. Though I did drop $20 on some Hex platinum so I could round out a Mooof and a Count Davian deck. That game continues to be worth every penny. So good.


Ashes Escalation upgrade for $15 is a pretty sweet deal.


Congrats. For half a day you got me to follow an absolute asshole. I’ll stick with the CAG aggregator I think. ;)


Yup, grabbed it.


Really? I haven’t ever seen him post anything untoward. Haven’t ever seen him post anything but deals… Usually before the CAG twitter bot does