Bargain Thread 2017


FYI all: GMG is having their summer sale, complete with old school flash deals etc.

Question: can I buy a game on there and give the key to my nephew (he really wants I am Bread)?


yep , keys are just emailed out, give it to anyone!


The entire Zachtronics oeuvre is on sale. Enough nerdtastic programming games to last you a lifetime!


Any “must-buy” VR games during this GMG sale? I’m getting an Oculus Rift next week. Batman™: Arkham VR maybe?


Here’s a great little game on GMG.


Superhot VR


BundleStars Star Deal of the Day today is Gauntlet Complete Pack for $3.99. Complete Pack includes the Necromancer DLC (additional character class & content). $4 is a good deal on everything.

Also at BundleStars : the Anarchy Bundle is 10 Steam games for $2.49. You get:

  • Turner
  • Polywar
  • Construct : Escape the System
  • State of Anarchy : Master of Mayhem
  • Hyperdrive Massacre
  • Beast Mode : Night of the Werewolf
  • FIVE : Champions of Canaan
  • Zombie Kill of the Week : Reborn
  • Castle of No Escape 2
  • Pixel Gladiator

New Flash Deals in the Summer Sale today. Get an extra 20% off with code SUMMER2017.

Lots of RPGs on sale this week at Highlights include:

  • Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition - $15.99
  • The Age of Decadence - $7.49
  • Lords of Xulima - $7.99
  • Avadon : The Black Fortress and Avadon 2 : The Corruption - $1.99 each
  • Avernum : Escape from the Pit - $0.99
  • Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - $3.99
  • and many more


From GMG and Steam’s product page:

Courtesy Warning: The sexual themes in this game are mostly for fun/humor and don’t make for particularly great fapping material.

Gotta love these developers. I wonder how many times they fielded that question before just putting it in at the very top of their game description.


Sturgeon’s Law is in full effect on that GMG sale. Holy cats. If it were 20 years ago, 90% of that shit would be buried on a “500 games in 1” CD.


The PSN sale this week is pretty good, according to the lesser standards of non-PC sales, anyway. For example:

Salt & Sanctuary - 50% off
Darkest Dungeon - 60% off
The Witness - 60% off
SOMA - 80% off


Oh my, this is a great bundle if you don’t own any of the games, I own everything in it I think. D:


Humble Telltale Games Bundle is live.

$1 for the Sam & Max Games, Puzzle Agent Games, Walking Dead Season One, Poker Night at the Inventory, Texas Hold’Em, Bone and Hector : Badge of Carnage.

BTA (around $7.50) for:

  • Walking Dead : Michonne
  • Tales from the Borderlands
  • Walking Dead Season 2
  • Game of Thrones
  • 50% Walking Dead New Frontier in the Humble Store
  • plus more to come next week

$15 unlocks:

  • Batman
  • Minecraft : Story Mode
  • Minecraft : Story Mode Adventure Pass

Too bad I own most of the BTA already, that’s a great price for all that content!

EDIT : Ninja’d by @lordkosc!



I own all those on Xbox so I guess I could get PC copies? But that would be crazy wouldn’t it! Yes … crazy …


I bought the first telltale bundle, so I have most of that. But I almost bought batman during the steam sale. Ultimately, I didn’t, because I haven’t played most of the first bundle (just Wolf Among Us and Borderlands). Those two were great, but I have a ton left to play if I want, and I didn’t want Batman so terribly to justify it.


Great deals! Picked up the first three earlier today already.


Huh, I had forgotten the Puzzle Agent games were from Telltale. I liked them quite well, consider them recommended as well as the higher profile games in the bundle.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst - $4.99 on Origin.


Also $5 on Xbox and, I’m guessing, PS4 as well.


Only another year til it’s on the house!