Bargain Thread 2017


Holy cats… this is a good deal! BA are basically nice “Steel Panthers” lite hex-based games.

I’ll be grabbing these just to get the DLCs since I bought the main games already


Battle Academy looks really cool. Thanks for the info, scharmers.


Well, square-based.


I liked it quite a bit.


Thanks, that review was very thorough and pretty much convinced me to purchase. If you hear a knock at your door at 2:00AM, it’s my backlog…don’t open the door! ;-)


You’re welcome! I also have an AAR of one of the missions (probably the first one, but I don’t recall). I hope you enjoy the game so I don’t feel guilty for steering you towards it! :-)


Anyone here into tower defense?


Holy crap this bundle you guys.

Worth it for Hostile Waters alone, but get 49 other games FOR A GOD DAMNED DOLLAR. insert Robocop joke here


Video games are worthless! :D


Also at BundleStars today, The Atari Vault for $2.99. 100 classic Atari 2600 and Coin-Op games with a PC-friendly UI.

Get Psychonauts FREE as part of the Humble End of Summer Sale.

  • RockStar, Squeenix and Capcom have been added to the publishers in the sale.
  • Elite Dangerous : Commander Deluxe Edition is $40 (33%). Contains Elite Dangerous with Horizons Season Pass and the Commander Pack of DLC ship paint schemes.
  • Also, if you missed Heores of Monkey Tavern when it was 50% off on Steam recently, it’s $4.99 (50%) during the Humble Sale.
  • Classic-style RPG Ember is also $4.99 (50%).

Steam Weekend Sales:


I’ve thought about this one before. $3 may be the price I bite on.


Unless you’re fishing through trash cans because it’s the only way you’ll get dinner, or you have an emulation setup that is beyond gristle throbbing, then I don’t think the $3 is a consideration



No Enduro? No sale.


I’ve got your Enduro… right here in my pants, buddy.


Free! The best video game evar. Please get it and play it, if you haven’t. And maybe even if you have!


More like a Pitfall amirite?!


Yeah, it’s not the money - it’s whether I decide I actually want it. When it’s that cheap it passes the money test easily but if I decide I don’t want it I’d rather put that $3 towards something I do want. When games get that cheap it tends to make me decide if I give a crap about it or not.


I almost bought the Atari Vault, but then I realized I have a zillion unplayed games already and it’ll be $3 again someday. Pass.


Agreed. I nearly bit, but then realized I have a 600 game backlog…where does another 100 games on an emulator fit into that? Answer : it doesn’t. I’ll buy a large mocha iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts tomorrow instead.


The Atari vault is tempting. I have a fond memory of a lot of those games, but I think my patience, and more importantly, my reflexes are no longer compatible with those kinds of games.