Bargain Thread 2017


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age of gladiators looks rad. this looks like a meatier Domina.

at $1.50 ill roll the dice. though i did the same thing with Clan of Champions (or whatever, the botch-job sequel to Gladiator Begins) and completely regretted it.


Oh, man. It does.

Actually it looks like a Roman version of Out of the Park Baseball, except the players die. Apparently they don’t have a union.

Gonna try.


I’ll be interested what you guys think of age of gladiators. Most of the reviews seem to think it’s a fun game but once you figure out the winning strategy it becomes to easy and boring.


I bounced hard off of it awhile back. I’m usually all up for text based management sims, but I found this to be a bit lifeless and dry.


For those interested, the reason Age of Gladiators is so cheap right now is because they just released Age of Gladiators 2 about 3 weeks ago. The second game leaps 3000 years into the future, so it’s essentially space gladiators with alien gladiators and whatnot. It’s also moved away from the full management sim to include an isometric combat portion where you control your team and issue orders and use abilities and items during combat.

No discount, although there is a bundle that includes both games which is oddly discounted to be slightly cheaper than the second game by itself.


Never has a phrase turned me off from a game more quickly…


What have you got against whatnot?


I’m just really tired of space marines wearing chunky armor, making angry faces, and yelling at people.


You forgot “being bald”.


I played Age of Gladiators 2 for a bit, its ok. A fair amount of depth to be discovered, in upgrading your space ludus. I had fun equipping my gladiators and discovering what the racial special abilities were, and upgrading your base, ala xcom like also had some interesting choices. The combat is decent 3D, and is challenging, probably a little too much at first, then later its too easy when you trained your squad and turned them into uber soldiers. After winning the championship for the first season, I lost interest in playing more though, nothing new to discover, just tweaking and replacing worn warriors and equipment. Worth a play if you LOVE the idea of running a ludus, especially a space one. Otherwise better games to play, with better legs…

Why all the humans are bald…I have no idea…hair loss from the future version of steroids maybe?


It wasn’t always like that.

Fabio was a Space Marine before he was a model. When he left them to pursue modeling, the Space Marines cried and were very sad. From that day on they all shaved their heads to forget about the brother they lost to modeling.


Anyone checked out Battlestar Galactica Deadlock yet? JUST found it and anxious to give it a shot! Turned based space battles, 3D and XCOM like campaign…whaaaa! lol


Where’s the love for the half-chewed lit cigar?


There was a show on it by 3 Moves Ahead. It sounded like a good game. Very good. They gave glowing praise of it,and said it was evocative thematically.


It’s been a long time since I played a WEGO turn system. I love how they play out. I wonder why more games don’t utilize this.


Definitely going to look into when I switch back to a PC instead of Mac next week!


Yup! If you don’t mind…

Truly one of my favorite games of the year so far. Just so fun.


Why is this in the “bargain” thread exactly? There’s been some discussion in the Brian Rubin space game thread and he likes it. But this is no “bargain” :)


It’s a steal at $40 good sir. Clearly a $60 game.