Bargain Thread 2017


You mean this?


Yes, although you can also buy them separately. Volume 4 is out today. Good party fun.


I loved the YDKJ games back in the day. I’ll keep an eye on these. Thanks!


Each one has 4 or 5 minigames and some are more fun than others. We have the first 3 on the PS4 if you guys want to come try them. Really fun in a group!


I picked it up for Mansions of Madness. Being able to stream the app for the boardgame to a big screen for game nights looks like a hoot.


Volume 4 is out today!?! Awesome!


Asmodee sale report #1

Grabbed Twilight Struggle, Jaipur and Colt Express.

  • Haven’t tried Twilight Struggle yet, I’m assuming I’ll have to put aside some time for the tutorial.
  • Jaipur is a bit like Splendor – seems like a well designed game, but kind of dry. The Asmodee port is as good as can be expected – campaign mode, rudimentary if pointless “housing”, etc.
  • Colt express is fun. Sort of like a cowboy heist robo-rally (probably a better analogue out there…) Probably be more fun with humans than AI though.

Now I’m eyeing Mr. Jack and Pandemic. Pandemic is hotseat only, which is disappointing, though I’ll likely be playing it solo anyway.


Currently Steam’s number one seller :)


For me it also added a coupon for Civ VI when I redeemed it:

50% OFF Civilization VI Digital Deluxe


I got that 50% OFF Civilization VI Digital Deluxe coupon in my Steam inventory. And I didn’t redeem Civ III or anything else from Humble Bundle. Maybe they’re just giving it to anyone with Civ III in inventory and no Civ VI?


I only have Civ V, and got the coupon as well.


Maybe it was co-incidence. I had 5 and 6 in my Library already. :) Mind you, the coupon is for Digital Deluxe, which I don’t have.

Which made me realise I never got the Steam version of 4!


I have Civ III, IV, V, and VI on Steam. I still got the coupon.

Anyone want it?


Definitely worth $20 to have a version on my PS4 I can play on the couch. If only Diablo would have a similar deep discount on the PSN I would pick up a second copy of that as well.


I’ve finally caved and bought the dang thing, shipping and all. Probably give it to my munchkin when it’s all said and done, but whatevs.


So I just noticed that Curve Digital has put out a bundle of five of their games for $18 on Xbox Marketplace (sorry, not sure if reciprocated on other platforms). Those five are:

The Flame in the Flood
Manual Samuel
Human Fall Flat
Serial Cleaner
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

Kinda tempted, that works out to about $3.50 per game which is a price point where I’m ok to roll the dice a bit. I’ve looked at some reviews for the games, just wondering if anyone has any feelings about these, or if the Bundle in general looks good or not.


I’ve only played The Flame in the Flood and Dear Esther. The first held my attention for a couple of hours. The second bored me. I generally don’t enjoy walking simulators though.


Is this news? Reddit have discovered Steam will have some sales this year.

Steam Halloween Sale: Thursday 26th October to Wednesday 1st November
Steam Black Friday Sale: Wednesday 22nd November to Tuesday 28th
Steam Winter Sale: Thursday 21st December to Thursday 4th January 2018


Steam sales suck now that they don’t do flash sales. Hasn’t been a great one in years.


I would expect that the same deals will be on steam on the black friday sale as the winter sale. It seems kind of redundant to have both of those sales.

I think steam sales suck now simply because I have bought everything I have wanted already. The only interesting deal are on “new” games I have not bought yet.