Bargain Thread 2017


Just a quick note that the 10% off coupon does NOT work with Homefront as 10 percent of nothing is still nothing.


They’re not paying me for taking the free key? Well, I never!


You’d be better off paying $7.50 for Homefront Revolution than investing time in the first game.


Way ahead of you–bought that in one sale or other last spring, I think. :-)


Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. And you got to have something, if you want to be with me.


Deep cut!


Why I <3 Qt3


I played Virginia, and it was a really pleasant experience. Not a game per se. They site Brendon Chung as an inspiration and you sure can tell. I loved the camera wobbling in this game: it added so much to its cinematography.
And to answer your concern, it doesn’t take more time than a movie from start to finish!


Fanatical Star Deals continue, today’s deal is Lords of the Fallen : GOTY Edition for $4.49 (85%).

Indie Deal of the Day at GreenManGaming is Sins of a Solar Empire : Rebellion for $7.20 (82%).


Apparently this is still iive.

I ordered this last night for Toys for Tots and then fell asleep thinking it was over.


Taken from SlickDeals:

Target: Buy 2 Ubisoft Video Games, get $50 Target Gift Card

DEAL STARTS Midnight PST tonight/tomorrow

Free $50 Gift Card with purchase of two select Ubisoft Titles (includes full game downloads too)

Titles Listed:
Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Just Dance 2018
Assassin’s Creed Origins
South Park: Fractured But Whole
*May be for other systems but only these four are listed

Store: Target


Just elapsed. I saw it, clicked away, and then it was gone. Oh well.


Spend $50, save $10, spend $100, save $25

on toys & games.* No promo code required.


Wilton is not a top brand, but it’s actually pretty good, and it’s a nice little package for those who like to decorate.


Not as good as BF or even a plus but for any new devices out there, not a terrible price either.


Fanatical has procedurally-generated sailing adventure game Windward as the Star Deal today for $1.99 (80%).

Fanatical is also having a Winter Sale with many discounted titles. Save an extra 10% with code WINTER10.

  • Sexy Brutale is $8.99 before code
  • Lords of the Fallen GOTY is $5.99 before code
  • The X Collection is $17.99 before code
  • Endless Space 2 is $19.19 before code
  • and many more

IndieGala has a new 12 Days of Indie Bundle live. $2.99 for 12 Indie Steam games and 10 GalaGold.

Steam features 351 Weeklong Deals this week.


I saw that Sword Coast Legends has dropped to under 5.00 in steam. I know the reviews are mixed, but how would it compare to an older game, such as Icewind Dale? I don’t mind light on story if the combat is fun and character creation is deep.


Windward is really fun and adorable, definitely worth two bucks.


Now is the time to buy if you are at all interested in Sword Coast Legends, as the developer has closed their shop and their publisher was only contracted to sell through the end of this year, so the game will no longer be available for purchase after December 31st.

$4.95 is a pretty good deal for the game. It got panned on release mainly for people’s disappointment that it wasn’t the spiritual sequel to the Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights franchises that everyone expected it to be. It also released in a fairly buggy and messy state. Numerous updates over time addressed a lot of that though, and a free expansion for it was released in 2016 after the developer shut down (the publisher finished and released the content). The publisher has also released several patches to the game on their own, and recent reviews are much kinder to the game than the initial wave in it’s first year of release.

If you approach it as a singular one-off RPG with some editing tools you’ll probably enjoy it, if you expect it to be a system in which you create modules, host your friends and spend hundreds of hours campaigning, you’ll be disappointed.


Thanks for the news on those deals, @SlainteMhath, this week and every week.
Question for whomever? How’s that Lords of the Fallen* game? I’ve heard it’s an easier, perhaps more generic Dark Souls.

*whose name reminds me of Myth from 20 years ago. ;-)