Bargain Thread 2017


Lol, shouldn’t that be in the thread about “wreck a game by changing one letter”?


So… it’s an Iranian point-and-click noir adventure game where I assume the bad guy is going to be the West? That’s kind of interesting isn’t it?


I doubt you’ll find anything edgy from what looks like the endemic casual gaming publisher of Iran, with which Strategy First seems to have nailed some batch of publishing rights as they have been flooding Steam with those this summer, and have made them regular Bundlestars fodder since then.


I liked it. I recommend bumping up the difficulty if you want an actual tactical experience. Otherwise you kinda steamroll most encounters like you’re playing a party-based Diablo.


My issue with playing Darklands these days has less to do with the combat (which is still functional if ugly) and more to do with the text making my eyes bleed.


I concur that this font didn’t age well. Even filters won’t help it much.


Darklands is one of those games that absolutely begs for an “Enhanced Edition” or modern makeover. Keep the core system that made it so fantastic in place, but update all the graphics and fonts, streamline the UI and maybe expand it just a little to feel even more open worldy. I’d pay $20 for that in a heartbeat.


Okay, but it would have to wait in line behind Betrayal at Krondor!


Does anyone even know who holds the IP for Darklands? Like many games from that era, it could be a tangled mess.


IIRC, Infrogrames actually had it at some point, but then with their dissolution (or perhaps before), it got moved on somewhere else.


Several years ago, there was a modder working on adapting Darklands into NWN2’s engine, but since I haven’t heard anything about it in, well, several years I assume the project stalled. I too would love a modern update. Its theme and setting are hard to top, and of course its great character creation where you picked each character’s background.


Nightdive Studios, it looks like.


Which means the odds of a remaster/ rerelease are fairly high.


Humble Store has a bunch of Star Wars games on discount to celebrate the release of The Last Jedi. Up to 70% off, bringing the prices on some classics like the KotOR games and Republic Commando to around $3. Galactic Battlegrounds Saga is only $2.

Humble also has a Manga Gamer and Friends bundle live with three tiers of visual novels and games.

Did you recently get Homefront free on Humble Store? If so, you can purchase it’s far better follow-up, Homefront : The Revolution - Freedom Fighter Bundle for $7.19 (82%) as Fanatical’s Star Deal today.


There are some interesting mods for Galactic Battlegounds, including one that ads two new factions.


Company of Heroes 2 free for a limited time at the Humble Bundle Store.


FYI, these don’t appear to be historical lows on a lot of games, such as the X-Wing series.


I find your lack of faith in these deals disturbing.


Thanks for the heads up on COH2!


My pleasure :-) I wonder what the current consensus on this game is after the lukewarm response it got at launch.