Bargain Thread 2017

I ended up buying from GMG so now I have an extra Homefront 2 key to give away.

I thought about buying this for a second and then I went and checked out a let’s play and I suddenly remembered why I couldn’t get into it-spreadsheets in space.

Pleeeeaaassseee, I know spreadsheets in space. EVE is spreadsheets in space. DW is not spreadsheets in space.

Yeah, far from it. It’s one of the few 4X games better than MOO2.

Indeed, though to me MOO1 is the superior MOO.


Looks like the first Void Destroyer game has been added to the BTA tier of the latest Humble Jumbo Bundle, along with another couple of games that I’ve never heard of. Anyone know much about that first Void Destroyer game?

You won’t finish the first mission. Only like 5% of players did. Great underlying systems though. The sequel is a much better GAME.

Good to know, thanks. Looking forward to seeing how that second game turns out when it’s done. I think you did a podcast with the dev (singular), right?

The second one already has stuff like base building and ship capturing.

We’ve also had the dev on like three times. He might be our most recurring guest.

Thanks, I’ll have to give the latest one a listen.

BTW all, Spintires is today’s Star Deal on Bundlestars for $4.49 US: Link-o-rama

Free shipping sale at Gamefly.

$20 - Quantum Break, The Division (XB1)
$18 - Doom (XB1/PS4), Far Cry Primal (XB1), Recore, Just Cause 3 (XB1)
$15 - No Man’s Sky
$10 - Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (XB1/PS4), Deus Ex MD (XB1, PS4 is $13)

Prices have been known to change as quantities change.

Ubisoft are having a sale. I got Steep for %50 off.

So an email I got from Humble says they have a THQ Nordic Playstation game sale going on.

The link is dead, so we suspect this was an early leak.

It’s so weird what’s going on with that, still not announced.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords is 30%+10% off, after using the SPRING10 code at bundlestars.

$24.99 - 30% = 17.49 - 10% = $15.74

Brian Rubin says its good so far!

I’ve been WANTING to play seo.title!

Its correctly linked, the forums have spazed out the display of it. ;)

The fantastic Dead Effect 2 is also on sale this week!

Haha yeah I’ve seen that happen to all of the bundlestars links.

Someone on their team needs to be told that a bot grabbing your seo information isn’t going to run the javascript on the page so stop using angular there.