Bargain Thread 2017


I’m getting a bit concerned that I can’t find any related announcement on GOG or elsewhere. I got the news and the link from Epic Bundle, which is a site I use mostly to keep track of new bundles. But the fact that the giveaway is not advertised on GOG’s front page nor on their FB page makes me wonder about the source of this redeem link. Hope it’s not anything shady.

Edit: Ignore, it’s legit :-)


Also - if you are having trouble with the code for Fantasy General - I got some weird “someone else has viewed this code recently” error the first couple times - note that it looks like the servers are just getting hit hard - I saw on other forums that some people had to try a couple times and it worked for me on the third try so don’t give up!


It’s a Facebook thing


Ohhh found it scrolling down the page-- they’re celebrating 200k likes and the giveaway lasts 2 days. Thanks for putting my concerns to rest :-)


I envy those of you playing it for the first time. It’s the best spinoff General game and maybe the best of them all.


No maybe about it.

I recall reading one article in which the author visited SSI, and asked about cheat codes for the game, since it’s so brutal (and it can be really, brutal). He apparently was near tears when he was told there were no cheat codes.


I have such fond memories of playing SSI games. Ah, such a great time to be a kid!


Yes it was. My favorite was a game Tom’s mentioned before called Roadwar 2000. Convoy has some of the same spirit but isn’t quite the same.


Looks like Twitch is offering Kentucky Route Zero for free to Twitch Prime users - downside is, because I know there are folks around here that don’t like it, that you have to use their application to play the game.


You have to download the game through the Twitch client but it is not required to play it.
Kentucky Route Zero is DRM-free, so you can just copy over the executable and uninstall the client after you download it.


Well there you go! Win/win. Although … I’m betting somebody is going to be irritated they need the Twitch app to download. Gut feeling here.


Your lucky day. GoG has the worst Captcha system I’ve ever seen. In addition to being frustrating as hell, it easily gets confused and will put you in an endless loop of failing.


LOL - I’ll count my blessings.


Roadwar 2000 was awesome. The sequel, Roadwar Europa had some small but useful interface improvements if I remember correctly. Played the hell out of them both. I wish there was a modern equivalent.

The last thing I played that scratched that itch was the online game Dark-Wind. I was addicted to it for some months many years ago. The management aspects and car combat were both great, if only there were a real fleshed out single player version of a game like that.


As did mine.

#592’s Star Deal for today is Injustice : Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition PLUS Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition together for only $5.99. That’s an 85% discount on both games. Crazy good deal if you’ve somehow managed to avoid purchasing either game to date and enjoy fighting games.


PC version of The Division Gold Edition



Not sure if someone’s posted this already, but the Humble Store has a good deal (70% off) on GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst (includes GOD EATER Resurrection for free)

It’s £12. Someone tell me the price in dollars.


It’s 15 pieces of eight, 1 shilling and 2 pennies.


That’s a multiplayer only game, pretty much, right?