Bargain Thread 2017


My understanding is that it is the port of the recent 3DS game, which was a sequel or remake? of the very cool DS version. The puzzle aspect was quite present in that one - you had to solve scenarios.


I felt the same way. However, MobyGames shows that it is the latest in the A-Train series.


Fanatical Star Deal today is Borderlands 2 GOTY for $7.49 (80%). It’s been this low before, but given all the DLC you get with GOTY, it’s worth buying even if you own the base game already.

Humble Store has a couple of decent deals going on:

IndieGala has a new Hump Day Bundle live. $3.99 for 10 Steam games (and 10 Gala Gold). The only title I recognize is Rencounter.


Courtesy of CAG, here’s the Best Buy deals for Black Friday.

Best Buy Black Friday Bargains

PS4 Console $199.99 Sony 1TB
Xbox One S $229.99 500GB Madden NFL 18 Bundle with 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray
Nintendo Switch 32GB $299.99
Xbox One & PS4 Controllers $39.99
Nintendo Switch Accessories $19.99
Sony VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle $299.99
Turtle Beach Wired Gaming Headset: Recon 150 $39.99
Save Up to $50 on Select Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets
Up to 25% off Astro Gaming Headset
Free Darth Maul Funko with purchase of Battlefront 2

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
Watch Dogs 2
The Last of Us Remastered
Ratchet & Clank
For Honor
Halo 5
Bioshock: The Collection
Minecraft: PS4 Edition
God of War 3 Remastered
Until Dawn
Titanfall 2
Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Gears of War 4
Nintendo Selects: Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Welcome amiibo
Nintendo Selects: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
Little Big Planet 3
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
Rise of the Tomb Raider
For Honor
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
Mafia 3
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
Wolfenstein: The Two Pack
Dishonored 2
Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase
The Walking Dead – The Telltale Series
Micro Machines World Series
Sunset Overdrive
Just Cause 3
Hidden Agenda
Knowledge is Power
That’s You!
Sing Star Celebration
Sniper Elite 4
Inside/Limbo Double Pack
Helldrivers: Super- Earth Ultimate Edition
Tearaway: Unfolded – Crafted Edition

Horizon Zero Dawn
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Yakuza Kiwami SteelBook Edition
Lego Ninjago Movie video game
MLB The Show 17
Final Fantasy XV
Knack 2
Disgaea 5 Complete Standard Edition
Everybody’s Golf
R.B.I Baseball 2017
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection
Disneyland Adventures
Rush: A Disney Pixa Adenture
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition
Mario Kart 7
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Pokemon X
Pokemon Y
Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition
Fallout 4
Outlast Trinity
Redout: Lightspeed Edition
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Injustice 2
Resident Evil 7
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
Lego Worlds
Monopoly for Nintendo Switch
Super Lucky’s Tale
Halo Wars 2
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition
RIGS Mechanized Combat League
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood
MXFP 3: The Official Motocross videogame
Cars 3: Driven to Win

Sonic Forces Bonus Edition
Super Bomberman R
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus
The Evil Within 2
Nier: Automata
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Forza Horizon 3
Tekken 7

WWE 2k18
Battlefield 1 Revolution
Just Dance 2018
Overwatch: GOTY
Persona 5
Madden 2018 - Friday Doorbuster
Fifa 2018 - Friday Doorbuster
Destiny 2 - Friday Doorbuster
NBA 2K18 - Friday Doorbuster

Assassins Creed Origins
Need for Speed Payback
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Forza Motorsports 7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie Chonicles
Sims 4

COD WW2 - Friday Doorbuster

Super Mario Odysssey – Free Collectible Cappy Coin with purchase
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explerer’s Edition

CoD WW2 for $40 is going to be gone gone gone by the time I get there. Like I said, last Black Friday, Best Buy’s games on sale were all gone by the time I leisurely made my way there Friday afternoon. Their Wolfenstein 2 price is even below Target’s. Only $25 instead of $30.

Also I’ve never seen Nintendo games discounted for Black Friday before. Mario Kart 7 for $20? I thought Mario games all perpetually stayed at full price for years?


Mario Kart 7 is the 6 year old 3DS game, so you weren’t wrong :)

I’ll be all over that $25 Wolfenstein 2 if they’re offering up a PC version as well.


I still can’t believe Need For Speed Payback will be $35 at all these places. I just want to reiterate that this game isn’t even out yet.


Have you seen the reviews ? There’s a reason based on the one eurogamer posted today.


No, but I’ll go look now. I didn’t know reviews were out. Though the Target ad leaked at this weekend, before any reviews, so they had this planned.

By the way I noticed just now on the Best Buy list: Sniper Elite 4 for $15. I really enjoyed watching Tom play that one. None of the Sniper games were on my radar before that. $15 seems like a great price for that one.


brigador just got another update (on top of the beefy Up-Armored update) that adds some more pilots, missions, cheevos, and horns.


Online is the way to go for Best Buy BF games. Been doing it for years, never had an availability problem.


Forgive me if already mentioned, but if you’re a PSN Plus member, the newly released Horizon Zero Dawn expansion is on sale for 14.99 (regular 19.99).


Man, is the PS4 Pro not going to drop at all?


I’m sure there will be a sale around thanksgiving, or at least a nice bundle.


The Target, Best Buy, and Walmart BF sale circulars are out, and no Pro deals to be seen. I think I saw a game bundle at a higher price point in the UK via Eurogamer, but not seeing much in that regard in the States.

Sony appears to be pushing the Slim and leaving the Pro for aspirational buyers and gadget freaks.


That’s what I’m afraid of. That Sony is going to keep its “premium product” at a premium price. Instead of trying to gut the sales of the XBOX by making its direct competitor cheaper, they will point at the existing $100 difference as enough of an incentive for “similar” performance for the 4K TV owners, while aggressively targeting the mass market with the Slim.

Not that I don’t understand the strategy, but I was counting on the Pro dropping at least $50. :(


Yeah. I was hoping for a PS4 Pro price cut or bundle this holiday season. Oh well. Maybe I’ll buy a switch instead.


I don’t really follow console stuff much, but there are usually a handful of console exclusives I’d like to play. I’d hate getting an inferior that may go obsolete a lot sooner. I don’t have a 4K TV and probably wouldn’t get one unless my current 1080P one goes belly up. It’s a 47’’ Samsung that I’ve had for around 10 years,

So, what type of user needs the PS4 Pro vs one of the cheaper models? Would I just be better off waiting for the Pro version to get cheaper down the line? I mean, it’s gotta drop at some point. While I’m generally a pretty impatient person, I don’t needs a PS4 or Switch - I would just like to play some of the games at some point.


And now Walmart, courtesy of CAG:

Walmart Black Friday Games advertised

$189 Xbox One S
$199 PS4 Slim

Playstation VR GT Sport Bundle - $299

X1/PS4 controllers - $39

Nintendo Switch in stock lol

GAMES - Thanks to NeoMonk for this list

Zelda BOTW Explorer’s Edition - $50


WWE 2k18
South Park Fractured but Whole
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Switch
Madden 18
NBA 2k18
Destiny 2
Assassins Creed Origins
Persona 5
Uncharted Lost Legacy
Need for Speed Payback
Forza 7
Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy
Shadow of War
Battlefield 1 Revolution
1 2 Switch
Ark Survival Reloaded
Nascar Heat
NBA Live 18
NHL 18
Dirt 4
Agents of Mayhem
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
Lego Ninjago
Fallout 4 GOTY
Wolfenstein 2
Just Dance 2018
Sims 4
Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Chronicles Edition
The Evil Within 2
Super Smash Bros WII U
Super Smash Bros 3DS
Mario Sports Superstar 3DS
Sonic Forces
Overwatch GOTY Edition
Super Mario Maker 3DS
Pokemon Sun 3DS
Paper Mario Color Splash WII U
The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind


MLB The Show 17
Horizon Zero Dawn
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Tekken 7
Skyrim Remaster
GTA 5 XBOX 360
Rainbow 6 Siege
Rayman Legends Switch
Just Dance 2018 WII
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Vanilla
Injustice 2
Knack 2
Xenoverse 2 Switch
Minecraft Story Edition Switch
Lego Worlds Switch
Fallout 4 Vanilla
Resident Evil 7
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix
Final Fantasy XV
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Vanilla
Sniper 3 Ghost Warrior
Halo Wars 2
Gears of War 4
For Honor
Uncharted 4
Everybody Golfs
Deer Hunter Reloaded


Mortal Kombat X
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Vanilla
Titanfall 2
Dishonored 2
Need of Speed
Mafia 3
Just Cause 3
Watchdogs 2
Red Dead Redemption GOTY XBOX 360
Star Wars Battlefront
Arkham Knight
Mass Effect Andromeda
Need for Speed Rivals
Plants vs Zombies 2
The Elder Scrolls Online
Street Fighter V Vanilla
Battlefield 4
Gears of War Ultimate Edition
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 1 XBOX 360
Lego Star Wars (something) XBOX 360


Left 4 Dead 2 XBOX 360
Skate 3
Midnight Club LA Complete Edition Xbox 360
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition
GTA San Andreas XBOX 360
Fallout 3 GOTY
Portal 2 XBOX 360
The Elder Scrolls Oblivion
Doom 3 BFG Edition


Subjective caveat here, but if you don’t have a 4K TV—I would argue you need a 4K TV with HDR10—I don’t think the Pro will be worth the $150-200 difference over the Slim (BF prices).


That depends on your price sensitivity. I would never even consider buying anything other than a XboneX or PS4 Pro myself.