Bargain Thread 2017


It is, in the spirit of an Herzog Zwei almost, and I’d like to recommend it, but I have yet to find an opponent to play it with to even check if it is enjoyable ;)


Gonna try and get Amazon to match that, I will be all over their chat associates, groveling and yelling will be used if needed.


Is there no single player campaign?


I’m 95% sure that Tooth and Tail has a single player campaign. I think I remember Rob Zacny talking about it on the show.


Yeah, each faction has a fairly short SP campaign. The good news? They’re randomly generated maps.


The single player campaign acts as a tutorial at first, then as little puzzles. Frankly, although (or, maybe, because) I consider myself a pessimist and a cynical in the classical acception, the context of it feels a bit childish (wolves eating wolves, all be damned, with enlightened pigs having given up on trying to reason with the rest of a world gone crazy), and I don’t find it very interesting.

There are skirmishes, too.


By skipping another PS4 Pro Black Friday sale once again, there will surely be an awesome Pro-enhanced game released next year just to spite me. And that’s fine!

Maybe I should jump on that free Xbox 360 (after rebate) to play Ninja Gaiden Black instead. I assume you have to go to the store for these? Yuck. Umm, someone grab me one if you’re there! It does say online but I figure they will sell out fast.


Some decent Redbox deals if you’re ok with disc only copies – Doom $5, Agents of Mayhem $5, Dark Souls III $5 among others.


Among the deals currently available on the Humble store is MGS V The Phantom Pain, a bit over 12 bucks with the 10% extra Humble Monthly Discount. Seriously tempted just to see what all the fuss was about.


It’s definitely worth it in my opinion. Good stealth + good action when stealth goes south.


It’s the best. Full of character and not afraid to be a video game. :)


Wow, Wolfenstein 2 is on sale for just under $27 on PC.


Well, I went for it. Maybe I can get some playtime in during Thanksgiving weekend.


Careful with that thing, once you get past the intro, it is addictive as hell.


Virginia is available for a single buck at amazon for some reason.


Interesting find. Anyone know if it’s any good?


I liked it a lot. It’s exceptionally linear, but it’s full of style and worth experiencing if you like that kind of game.


It’s a buck. On a certain level, does it matter?

It’s just icing on the cake that it is actually a decent game, and appears to be worth playing through.


Life is Strange was inspired by 90s David Lynch.

Virginia is 90s David Lynch.


At this point in my life, it’s less about the money than the time. It does sound really interesting.