Bargain Thread 2017


AC is obviously air conditioning. There’s more than videogames in the world, basement-dwellers!


No, it definitely means Assetto Corsa.


PREY $16.09 @ cdkeys. (PC)


Another vote for PvZ: GW2! My son and I play it locally via split-screen, and it’s goofy fun. We usually both pick the same side and go to town on the bots.


Kind of a bargain: ME: Shadow of War is on sale on Fanatical for around $32.40 US after entering some special Black Friday code.


PlayStation Plus one year membership is $39.99 right now at Amazon. Digital Code.

Also, Nioh is $19.99.


Thank you for that! Bought.


I didn’t get why most of those deals made the Steam Halloween deals look good in comparison, but your remark about the Monthly subscribers discount now put it all together.
At least, there is still Bundlestars to get interesting deals, although they don’t have as many games covered.


Shadow of War GOLD edition. $49 (PC)


Pretty happy with my purchases on the Xbox Live sale so far:

  • $15 - Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
  • $8 - Mortal Kombat X
  • $5 - Mortal Kombat 9 (360 back compat)
  • $20 - Prey
  • $13.39 - What Remains of Edith Finch

Hoping that the Playstation Store has some nice deals on Nier, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, and Horizon soon. I know they’re on sale at various places on disc but I have some Playstation Store credit in my account I’d prefer to use for digital purchases.


Yeah, I’ve had $14.06 in my PSN wallet for so long. I’m always hoping a game I want will come under that number, but it never does. $14 is just a tad too low. I think in order to spend that, I’m going to have to buy more PSN money.

The games I’m hoping to play on Playstation 4 eventually, that I haven’t played yet:

Gravity Rush 2
Last Guardian
Uncharted 3 (part of Uncharted Collection)
Uncharted 4
Uncharted Lost Legacy
Wipeout Legacy
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Gran Turismo Sport

Too early for a rock bottom sale on most of those. But hopefully PSN will have one of those for under $14 for me.

2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning

Injustice and Shadow of War on weekly XBL sale


People who got Uurnog as part of their Humble monthly a few months back should have keys for the Steam version of it now.

Sadly, people like me who bought the game directly don’t get one. I guess the dumb fans are supposed to pay twice.


I’d ask Nifflas about it. In my experience a fair number of indie devs will be only too happy to comp you Steam keys if you were an early adopter, especially when you direct bought and they’ve automated it for other venues.


I wouldn’t dare to bother Nifflas on this, as I think it is more of a publisher issue, and him changing from Humble to Raw Fury (a change which I sympathize strongly with, after the terrible job Humble did promoting his game) must be already taxing without having to bother with whiny Frenchmen. But my feelings were a bit hurt, I won’t hide.
I will probably buy it again anyway, as he is so very talented, and I am a dumb fan when it comes to the few authors I cherish ;)


Thanks for the tip!


courtesy of slickdeals

VUDU Thanksgiving Week Sale HD Digital Movies and TV Seasons Starting at $4.99 (Live 3 AM EST 11/21/17)
This Sale Goes Live at 3 AM EST 11/21/17

Ghost, The Imitation Game, Good Will Hunting and more


Deadpool, American Hustle, Amistad and more


Maybe you know something I don’t, but I think all the Humble Originals are intended to be published more broadly later, so I don’t think Humble is the main publisher or responsible for promotion outside of what they already do for Monthly.


Not entirely sure what the whole story is with the Humble Originals, but I noticed that Raw Fury is the publisher for a few other games that have ended up in Humble Monthly bundles. That may be an amicable relationship - I’ve noticed a number of their other originals are on Steam in some form or other under various different publishers. I hope it is an amicable relationship, at least; I’ve quite enjoyed the weird grabbag that is the Humble Original releases.


Thanks for this - there might be something weird with my account, but it didn’t appear in my list of keys. However it was on the March 2017 purchase page, in case anyone else needs to find it.