Bargain Thread 2017


Black Friday sale has begun. Free MDK right now. Definitely a cool game worth playing!

Also posted in the Black Friday deals thread.


Re: PvZ Garden Warfare 2, what is frosty edition?


Also if you spend more than $15 you get Starcrawlers for free. I just picked up Little Nightmares ($9.99), Hard West + DLC ($5.74) & Starcrawlers (FREE) all for $15.74.


So it’s uh, Wednesday, and the Black Friday Sales have already begun. -insert rolleyes here-

GreenManGaming has their Black Friday Sale live. Extra 15% off most items with the code GMGBLACKFRIDAY.
Note that the site says the code GMGBF is good for 20% off, but I could not find a single game it worked with.

  • Destiny 2 is $35.87 (doesn’t appear to accept the code)
  • Middle Earth : Shadow of War is $30.59 with code.
  • Pillars of Eternity is $10.20 with code
  • Rocket League is $8.50 with code
  • No Man’s Sky is $20.40 with code
  • Northgard is $12.74 with code
  • Vikings : Wolves of Midgard is $11.56 with code

Fanatical is also having a Black Friday Sale, however their discount code of BLACKFRIDAY10 is only good for 10% off. So cross check those prices before you buy.

IndieGala has a Warhammer Gemini Bundle that combines Total War : Warhammer with Warhammer 40K : Space Wolf for $19.99. Decent deal on two good games. You get a third free mystery game as well for making a purchase. I predict Bad Rats!

They also have something called the Indie Wanderlust Bundle for $2.49 that contains 11 Steam games I’ve never heard of.

Matrix/Slitherine Games is having their annual Holiday Sale at their site. Lots of discounts on their games and DLC direct from the publisher.

And oh yeah, the Steam Fall Sale is on. Once again they’re looking for nominees for The Steam Awards. Complete all 4 awards tasks and earn glorious badges!


If you have a GMG login you probably got an e-mailed voucher code that claims to lower most things another 15% , thus bringing Prey 2017 and Wolfenstein 2 down to 58% off, by my calculation $25.20. Not too shabby.


My 3 wishlist items are still all $30 or above, even with discounts. Yes, I’m cheap.


BTW, with that supposedly unique voucher the price shown was $25.50 on GMG for Wolfenstein 2, so not quite the 58 percent off that the email claimed.


Talk about a deal.

Lords of Xulima is on Amazon for $1.99. I got some sort of courtesy credit that made it free which was even better.


There are some great prices on the Wolfenstein 2 Season Pass.

Over 50% off


If anyone felt that Virginia for $1 on Amazon was too much…

GMG has it for $1.00 - 15% voucher = .85 cents


PS4 Pro Destiny 2 bundle for $350 on Amazon.


I just picked it up for $0.99 on Steam. Thanks for reminding me about it. I’m a big fan of these types of games.

p.s. Also picked up UnExplored for $7.99.


Sanctum 2 free on Humble Bundle


Thanks for the heads-up! I’ve been interested in the game for a while, but always expected it to show up in a bundle somewhere. Two bucks is better than a bundle’s going to end up being, though!


Flame in the Flood, free for twitch prime users (Nov 23 - Nov 29)


Got a notification that Wolfenstein 2 is down to 24 bucks on DLGamer. Is that a legit place? I assume it’s a Steam key, and that it’s not the one where the swastikas all have the “not-swastika” replacement.


Zero dollar is quite a bargain. Cheers!


I bought Doom from them a few weeks ago and everything went fine.


Ugh. I literally bought that for $100 more a week ago.


So return it. Or check your credit card, may offer a pricematching service.