Bargain Thread 2017


Oops, sorry. That was for PS4. Sorry to get your hopes up.


PC Far Cry Primal is $19.99 on Steam…


Speaking of FC Primal, I got a GMG 20% off voucher emailed to me and tried to apply it but it tells me that it’s invalid. Yet the same voucher works fine for say, Shadow of Mordor War. I checked the “excluded games” list and no Far Cry game is listed, so…

EDIT: So the official story is that the voucher is ONLY valid for stuff listed as “Black Friday Sale” items. If other items happen to also be on sale, but they’re not part of the list (which they won’t just provide conveniently in one place, instead making you click on like 4 or five separate categories from the home page), then no voucher for you. Stupid.

#2211 is having a series of 3 hour flash sales today.


On the plus side, it looks like the base version of Far Cry Primal can be had on the super-unfortunately-named GamersGate store for $17.70, but they don’t offer the Apex edition. Is that extra stuff worth the bother?


Hey, GamersGate was around for years before all those baby-men began their crying and wailing.


Oh, I realize that. I bought a couple of things at GamersGate a long time before all the BS.


Wouldn’t have thought so. The main game isn’t lacking content at all and most the extras are generic preorder fluff… though you do get to play the mammoth for a bit :) I played the base game only.


I can’t speak from experience, but it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the bother. For an extra $1.50, I just thought: why not?


Nintendo store has 12% off refurbished Wii Us. Not a big deal, but I haven’t seen those in a store this year. Wii Fit U with the board stuff is ~66% off. Free shipping. Thinking of biting on that.

Marvel Unlimited (comics app) has a free month trial, Punisher code.

Canada - TheSource has a 300$ Xbox One S + Forza 7 + Forza Horizon 3 + Hot Wheels dlc. Sign up for the newsletter for another 25$ off. I bought the same bundle a few weeks ago and somehow already racked up almost 80 hours in the games.

Canada - MTC Factory Outlet has refurbished OLED Vitas for 100$. I think this is the official refurb place for Canada.


GreenManGaming has a bunch of Indie Pack Bundles on sale. $1.49 - $2.99 per bundle, with the $2.99 one probably being the best value of the bunch as it contains:

  • Morningstar : Descent to Deadrock
  • Supreme League of Patriots Issue 2
  • Bards Gold
  • The Last Door : Season One
  • and 6 other games

Fanatical has the John Carpenter inspired Distrust as the daily deal for $6.59 (45%).

Humble CodeMasters Racing Bundle is live:


Huh. Regarding that Codemaster’s bundle I want to poster a Joker GIF where he’s saying Not Sure if Serious Good Value.


Yeah mostly DLC and coupons, and who wants every version of F1 except the new one?


Look again! $15 gets you BOTH Dirt games. That’s GREAT value if you don’t have either one already.




$1 tier:
F1 Race Stars
F1 2011
F1 2012
Toybox Turbos

BTA tier (currently $6.68 and rising):

Grid 2
F1 2014
F1 2015
F1 Race Stars Season Pass
Coupons for Dirt 4, F1 2017
DLC for Dirt 4, F1 2017

$15 tier:
Micro Machines World Series
F1 2016
Dirt Rally
DLC for F1 2016, Grid 2

They do say they’ll add more to the BTA Tier and $15 tier though. So maybe it will get added on there.

(I already own both DiRT games). This DiRT 4 DLC doesn’t look very impressive.


15 for dirt rally and f1 2016 ain’t that bad. What’s the point of having all of the old f1 ones though?


Well I will say that I do not care about Formula 1 racing at all, so F1 2012 at $1 is far more enticing to me than F1 2016 at $15.

Having said that, I’m still struggling to convince myself I need these games for even $1, knowing I probably won’t play them.


F1 Race Stars & Toy Box Turbos are both decent casual racers. Definitely worth the dollar.

More fun than I thought they’d be, but Sonic Transformed & Blazerush were even better if they’re sitting in a backlog.

Destiny 2 on Xbox - Saw a punch card promo with Microsoft rewards. Digital owners can get 20,000 points (29k is a free year of Gold) for picking up the expansion pass. Seems like a great deal if it works in your region & you already own the game.


Destiny 2 , at Amazon is $26 on all platforms.

I haven’t followed the game at all, why did it drop so quick?


Same thing happened with Destiny 1. They want to get the base game in more player’s hands, as many as possible, because the first expansion is about to come out in December. And if it’s like Destiny 1, they will make the base game’s players second class citizens. You’ll start feeling like you should either buy the expansion or get out.