Bargain Thread 2017


Thank you. I don’t have Ubisoft, so I might install it for this.


Fanatical has another Best of Star Deals Week happening this week. Different deal every day. Today it’s Tropico 5 for $2.99 (85%). Looks like they put most of the DLC for it on sale at 50% off as well.

Steam has 421 Weeklong Deals this week. Highlights include:

  • Sins of a Solar Empire : Rebellion - $9.99 (75%)
  • Spellforce : Platinum Edition - $2.49 (75%) or Spellforce : Complete - $11.99 (80%)
  • Oriental Empires - $17.99 (40%)
  • Vaporum - $12.99 (35%)
  • Niffelheim - $12.99 (35%)
  • Avadon II : The Corruption - $2.99 (70%)

Today’s Daily Deal is Domina for $4.99 (50%)




And apparently they’re giving away Assassin’s Creed Black Flag next week! It finally hit my price point!


Mine too!

I’ve been wanting a pirate game and I hear this one is good.


I couldn’t even get the game to start. Uninstalled.


I haven’t played an AssCreed game since II. Is Black Flag worth the time?


Very much yes. One of the best ones and is low on meta plot so works independently.


Sorry to hear that, it’s actually working well on my aging laptop!


This is in reference to World in Conflict, right? Could it be a Win7 vs 10 thing?


That might well be the case. I’m running Windows 7 with an integrated Intel GPU and it works fine. A quick Google search does seem to point to issues with W10.


In honor of a century of Finnish Independence, Steam has a sale on games from Finland, both of them!
I’m kidding of course…I love Finland, and they actually have produced a whole bunch of really cool games. There are over 90 games in the sale including Cities Skyline, Legend of Grimrock, Outland, Driftmoon, Unreal World, Oceanhorn, Neon Chrome, Trine and many more.

Fantastic deal at CubicBundle on the Winter Sale Bundle. $3.49 for several very good games from publisher Herocraft.

  • Warhammer 40K : Space Wolf
  • Tempest
  • The Seven Years War
  • Strategy & Tactics : Dark Ages
  • King of Dragon Pass
  • Soul of Mask
  • Plancon : Space Conflict
  • Marble Duel
  • FootLOL : Epic Fail League
  • Bipolar Game

Space Wolf, Tempest, Dark Ages and King of Dragon Pass for less than $1 each is a fantastic deal.

Day Two of Fanatical’s Star Deals Week features Gurumin : A Monstrous Adventure for $1.99 (80%)

They’ve also debuted a Flying Interactive Publisher Bundle. 8 games for $1.99.


Shrapnel Games winter sale!
Don’t get your hopes too high up: the deals are not super spectacular, but I don’t think I have ever seen Shrapnel go beyond 5$ off before, so the current 6$ and 8$ off tiers are an all-time low for gems like Approaching Infinity.

In honor of a century of Finnish Independence, Steam has a sale on games from Finland

UnReal World is part of the sale - although the full game can be played for free, and if you want to support the authors, cheaping out feels a bit weird, but I wanted to point out that for the Independence day, they featured a new video for subscribers.


Worth it right there.


There’s The Division on the Ubisoft store that is just $15, and even one or two dollars less with PROMO10 code.

Considering that Steam just launches Uplay anyway, that the DLCs are pretty much superfluous, and that a content patch landed today, maybe it’s not a bad idea for that price.


There’s a 6 hour trial which seems like it would convince or not.


Yeah, there’s no point in buying modern Ubisoft games on Steam, even as far back as AC Revelations (as I discovered), which was 5 years ago already.
Isn’t The Division mostly a multiplayer thing?


There’s a solo/coop campaign (which I am struggling with, as posted about in the Division thread, but no longer regard as impossible).

I wouldn’t necessarily hold out for Ubisoft games on Steam but I still prefer to buy them there if the price is good because there are a bunch of Steam features uPlay doesn’t replicate or does poorly that still apply even though it uses uPlay as a launcher.


Does it include 101st Airborne?

All kidding aside, Bronze is an excellent strategy game and well worth the $20 sale price. I’m not sure how well it runs on modern hardware, however.


Of the 30-40 hours I spent with The Division, I only played maybe 3-4 of them in multiplayer. I had a great time playing it single-player. And that was before the boatload of significant updates they released which improved the UI, how abilities work, and gear.