Bargain Thread 2017


Well, you can now buy the DLC through Origin, but it’s still in Bioware points. and the couple times Origin-wide codes worked on those they stopped it quickly as apparently unintentional.


Regularly but infrequent?


Yep, that sounds like a good description. I’ve been tempted by the sale on ME3 DLC many times. Especially Citadel. But the ME3 ending made it easy to skip. Every time I think of the finality of the ending, going back in time to do Citadel doesn’t sound appealing, no matter how good it is.


The ending puts me off replaying ME (the whole series). Real shame. I had such fun playing through it.


I’ll never understand that. Play up until the point Shepard sits down to talk with Anderson right before all the color-coded Catalyst stuff if it bothers you so much. There’s so much that ME3 gets right, it’s just spiting yourself to skip it because the last 15 minutes goes off the rails.


It’s not the fact that I dislike the ending that keeps me from wanting to go back. In fact, after the ending DLC fixed the plot holes, the ending isn’t bad. It’s the finality of the ending. The story is just sooooooo over.

I was replaying ME1 as Renegade Femshep around the time ME3 came out, and I’d planned to continue that run to see that side of the story through the trilogy. But the finality of the ME3 ending also put me off that.

It’s hard to describe why, it just feels… complete. Not to be revisited.


I know, I know. It’s just such an emotional weight bearing down on me. “Oh, I know how this ends. Sigh.”

And I’m sure if I were not spoilt for choice in terms of other things to play, I’d overcome that. As it is, I have far too many items in my Steam backlog to replay games I even have a slight hesitancy about. (Ubisoft giving away fairly fun titles doesn’t help matters!).


You guys have valid points, I’ll refrain from mother henning you into what to play. I just hate the thought of avoiding a game that’s probably 95% awesome because of the crap 5% (personally I hate the space ninja even more than the ending).


I dislike the space ninja, but it doesn’t have any emotional resonance. I had completely forgotten about him until you brought him up, and I’m pretty sure I’ll forget about him by the end of the day.


Paypal sent me an e-mail today with this offer…


When you click through, you get to add it to your account at Paypal. You then go to the eShop or the shop and pay with Paypal and they’ll reduce your bill by $5 if you spend $20. Nice deal!


Fanatical Star Deals Week continues today with Alien Isolation Collection for $8.89 (82%). That’s the best price I’ve seen yet on the game and all it’s DLC.

Indie Deal of the Day on GreenManGaming today is Kingdom : New Lands for $4.05 (73%). Not a bad deal on the game, though it has been featured in a couple of bundles recently as well.

Not a video game deal, but Humble just dropped a new Humble Dungeons, Monsters and Dragons 5E Bundle of RPG source material. Three tiers with lots of value at each level.


That’s what you think. The space ninja is an insidious, contagious mind-worm, and next time there’s a ME3 discussion you’ll be the one to bring him up.


Fanatical Star Deals Week deal for today is Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition for $4.99 (75%).

Homefront is FREE for 48 hours in the Humble Store. Comes with a 10% off Humble Monthly coupon for new subscribers. If you do subscribe, ask a friend for a referral link so they can get some Humble Store credit for your signup. If you need a friend, I’m here for you. ;-)

Humble Store is also having a Deep Silver Publisher Sale with good deals on many titles, especially if you are a Humble Monthly subscriber and get the extra 10% off.

Steam has a Bohemia Interactive Developer Sale all weekend. Up to 80% off a metric crapton of ARMA stuff, a handful of other games, and 20% off Ylands ($12.00), which apparently released yesterday and looks very interesting in a Minecrafty sort of way.

Also on Steam, Absolver is $14.99 (50%). Absolver is a multiplayer online melee game, not a new fangled workout device for your problem abdominal area.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is FREE to play all weekend again, this time you can purchase for $14.99 (70%).

Steam is also running a sale on the Steam Awards Finalists. A couple of pretty good deals in the mix, including:


Just a quick note that the 10% off coupon does NOT work with Homefront as 10 percent of nothing is still nothing.


They’re not paying me for taking the free key? Well, I never!


You’d be better off paying $7.50 for Homefront Revolution than investing time in the first game.


Way ahead of you–bought that in one sale or other last spring, I think. :-)


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Deep cut!


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