Bargain Thread 2017


I didn’t think Syndicate was that great, except the Jack the Ripper DLC which was kind of fun. I think Unity was much better. Prettier too.

Also Black Flag was tedious. Hooray, open ocean! Now what?


I rest my case!


If you’re interested in the lore, you should get your head examined.


Motion approved. Get head examined, then play AC1-3. To hell with Black Flag.


The lore - specifically the SF conspiracy nonsense - is by far the most interesting part of those games.


I think the architecture is, or at least was up to Brotherhood. But, sure, the lore started out fairly interesting. It probably peaked at the end of 2, though, and it’s been downhill ever since.


I find their efforts to recreate historical places at particular times mildly interesting, but I’m always going to prefer fantasy (and occasionally science fiction) architecture to what’s possible in reality. And they certainly never managed to make the in-period narrative much more than cut rate stabby Forrest Gump.

At least through 3, which is as far as I’ve gotten. If the lore is really downhill from there, I may not end up sticking with the series. But we’ll see.


It’s not that the lore gets bad after 3 but that it’s pushed way back into the background. Black Flag adds one goofy element that I’ll leave unremarked for those who haven’t played, but mostly it’s just notes in the database you’ll need to seek out yourself. The days of Desmond vs Abstergo are over - hell, Abstergo is only present as a looming parent corporation over the company making the AC video games after 3. It gets pretty meta.


Argh. I knew it. Into the backlog…


Breath in the salty air! There’s treasure to be found! Arrr matey!


Dirt Showdown is free via Humble Bundle for the next day or two:


If you have even a passing interest in the game I’d recommend grabbing it now – the last two games that went up for free like this (GRID and Dirt 3) have been delisted from Steam.


So that’s “generosity” with a lot of quotes. More like a last will, and we are the charity.


I’m not quite sure why they want me to link mySteam account to their shop via SteamLink. Hasn’t this method been discontinued in the HumbleBundles?


Mine is linked; on the unused keys list it shows me whether the game is already in my account, which makes it easier to pick out the ones for gifting.


Sniper : Ghost Warrior Trilogy is just $1.00 today at Limited number of Steam keys so act fast if interested.

NOTE : “Trilogy” is a bit misleading. Sniper : Ghost Warrior 3 is NOT included, you get S:GW 1 and all DLC, S:GW 2 and all DLC, plus Sniper : Art of Victory.


As the gods of gaming foretold, I have not yet been deemed worthy (costs too much) to partake of the Assassins Creed world (because I’m cheap). This Bundle alleviates all preconceptions (they are cheap now) of my inadequacy, and finally allows my participation in the Assassin’s Creed Universe (yeah, I’m in, bitches, I’m SO IN!).


Though this is not the right forum, from what I understand about the movie, your ‘inadequacy’ is appropriate…wait till it is on some network like TBS to watch a few minutes of it.


Saw the movie a while back. It’s … not canon. Or that good, beyond some interesting visual effects.


Understood. Thanks.