Bargain Thread 2017


It customizes based on what you already own. So the question is whether you want the rest at that price, and only you can answer that. (Dungeon of the Endless is really good, FWIW, although I personally haven’t gotten into Endless Legend.)


[quote=“malkav11, post:121, topic:127797, full:true”]
It customizes based on what you already own…[/quote]

I don’t think that’s the case. Dungeon of the Endless is $2.99 and Endless Legend is $10.49 for a total of $13.48. I should have looked at this before I asked my question. However I found that I can get Dungeon of the Endless for $1.99 for my iPad. My question then becomes is the ios version the same as pc version?


Yeah, I’m wrong, sorry.


Green Man Gaming has the Anno 2205 Season Pass for under $9. Personally I wouldn’t get it based on my experience with the base game, but if you like it. have at it!


I have never played a single Resident Evil game, but I assume they are popular since the 7th game is coming out!

GMG has Resident Evil 7 for $47.99 and it comes with 10 other free games! I am sure this must be selling really well, and pre-orders are through the roof.


I hope it doesn’t sell because i don’t like the direction they took.

Also, if you don’t mind getting your boots gray, it is $35 on cdkeys.


Trainz: A New Era is being offered for $9.99 U.S. at the Humble Store.

#128 has been killing it with their Star Deal (kind of like a Daily Deal, though not every day) lately. The latest, Total War : Attila for only $9.99 (cheapest I’ve seen it). Use code LUNAR8 to get an additional 8% off, making it $9.19.

They also have the complete DLC bundle for Attila for $29.99, which is about what you would paying collecting them all in a Steam Sale.

In an odd bit of games/movies tie-in, Humble has the Humble John Wick Bundle.

  • Pay $1 for Steam keys to PayDay 2 and a bunch of it’s DLC.
  • Pay $6 for PayDay 2 GOTY and more DLC
  • Pay $14 for Dead by Daylight
  • Pay $25 to pre-order John Wick Chronicles
  • Pay $45 and also receive the John Wick movie (digital) and Two Tickets to see John Wick : Chapter 2 in theaters February 10th.


First, I was all “WTF is this?”

VR headset required. That’s why I’ve never heard of it.


The deal is even better in Euroland. Only 7.39€ minus 8%.


Yeah, well, we have a wall to pay for mister!



For a limited time Stardock is selling Galactic Civilizations III: Gold for $27.34 and Steam is selling it for $29.83.


There was DLC for GCIII?


Oh, yes!

#135 Star Deal today is Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition for $4.90, or $4.50 after code LUNAR8 at checkout.

While you are there grab the Baldur’s Gate Complete Saga for $14.89 after code. That gives you Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition AND BG : Siege of Dragonspear. That’s an amazing deal for under $15.


Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade MMO is $15 over on HumbleStore, if your a bundle subscriber. And probably most of us are as this was the XCOM2 bundle month.

I want to thank @BrianRubin for making me go look for this deal. :)


Yay! I paid more than that and I feel like I got my money’s worth in visceral entertainment.


Hello, full disclosure I am a dev for this game. Political Animals is 40% off all weekend to celebrate Chinese New Year!


Never heard of it, I see @cliffski did a youtube video of it, and is also the publisher!


So what’s the thinking so far on the value of the Humble Monthly Bundles? I already have XCOM 2 so this month it’s not that much of a draw, although I could give away the key, right?
Is Humble or someone else keeping a record of included games so far?