Bargain Thread 2018

I’m not sure we need a thread per year in a post Discourse world… but tradition is tradition!

Behold the wondrous bargains of 2018 AD!

The Oculus Store is re-running the top 10 sellers from their winter sale.

Lone Echo at $30 instead of $40 and From Other Suns at $20 instead of $40, among others…

Reveal to me, O Wise One, what it’s like in the future? Do you have flying cars yet? No? Pfft. MEDIOCRE!

Are there typically New Year sales on the PS4? I missed a few things at Thanksgiving that I would like to pick up.

Deal time… sorta… a few of these games might be ok. :)

Monday Motivation #39

$1 for Darkstone, Iron Storm, Hospital Manager

$3.49 for Garfield Kart, ATV Drift & Tricks, The Descendant, Occultus - Mediterranean Cabal, Gevaudan, Black Moon Chronicles, Chariot, SHOWTIME 2073, Return to Mysterious Island, Subject 13, Still Life

It’s not as cheap, but there are a few things on sale. For example, in the Thanksgiving sale, I got the Uncharted Collection for $7.99. Now in the current sale, it’s on sale again, but I think it’s $9.99 this time, but it is $7.99 for PS+ members.

Other sales on PS exclusive games are decent, but not great. Like Last Guardian. It needs a bit better discount before I bite.

I still have $6.03 in my PS wallet, but haven’t found anything else within that, which I don’t already own on Xbox or PC.

Actually I take that back. If I’m willing to dip into PS Vita, there’s a couple that look tempting. For example, Final Fantasy IX is on sale. I’ve heard good things about that. I wonder if that plays well on the Vita? (Of course, I never pick up the Vita, so really, I shouldn’t even be looking at Vita stuff).

They’ve had a sale every week for the last three weeks. Just go to the store on the web and browse around.

Steam have anything on sale?

Yes, judging from my Steam app on my phone, the sale is still on. But I believe today’s the last day of the sale.

1-1-2018 10-27-51 AM

I stand corrected! January 4th it is. That means I don’t need to look at what’s on sale for another few days, right? There’s plenty of time left.

Yeah, I have but the titles I’ve been eyeing aren’t on sale, which is why I was wondering when the first sales of the year will kick in.

Sony runs regular sales. Flash Sales and more specific stuff weekly.

What is it you’re after?

Yes it is absolutely much better to have a time limit on topics rather than letting them turn into endless impossible to search kitchen sink megatopics.

I think yearly ones is probably a good thing, but I really don’t mind the megatopics now. Infinite scroll is the future! You’ve got such good search built in here that it really doesn’t bother me to go find something via Discourse.

There are some rare cases where megatopics can be justified, but in general they tend to break down into chat rooms over time. The more I work on Discourse the less I like them.

A few Google Play android sales:

Monument Valley, free, limited regions. Not North America.
Downwell, 1 dollar
Hatoful Boyfriend, 1 dollar
Always Sometimes Monsters, 1 dollar

Steam has a 90% off nonogram/picross color game. This sale is ending tonight. From the reviews there’s 10 to 20 hours of puzzles, but a couple might require guessing to complete.

Persona 5, in particular. I know it was on sale around Black Friday. I didn’t grab it then, unfortunately.

It’s been on sale since for $29.99 rather regularly in stores. I think it was that just last week at Best Buy or Gamestop in fact.

We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember, my friends, future events such as these will affect you in the future. You are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable. That is why you are here

Fanatical Star Deal today is MAD Games Tycoon for $1.00 (93%). I have no experience with it myself, but it’s ranked Very Positive on Steam across a couple thousand reviews, so it seems decent for $1.

It’s also the final hours of the Fanatical Winter Sale. Use code WINTER10 to get an additional 10% off many titles in the sale.

Humble has a new Staff Picks Bundle live. No offense to Scribble, but her picks kind of suck as most of them have already been in multiple bundles.

Pay $1 for Steam keys to:

  • LiEat
  • Punch Club
  • Tempest (note that I like this game a lot, but you can get it an ALL the other Herocraft titles for just $0.69 more in the Herocraft Bundle at Otakubundle (use code winter2017 to get 15% off).

BTA ($5.88) and receive:

  • Aragami
  • Beholder
  • BioShock Infinite

Pay $12 and unlock:

  • Shenzhen I/O
  • $2 wallet credit refund for Humble Monthly Subscribers

LAST FULL DAY of the Steam Winter Sale is today, it expires tomorrow at 1:00PM EST. Buy now or forever hold your peace, or at least until the Spring Sale…