Bargain Thread 2018


What the F? For some reason, seeing it is so much less is… I don’t know.


That HAS to be a mistake, right? Is it basically XCOM with mechs?


Yeah, I haven’t seen it for less than $30 or so, so it must be an error.


Appears to be an error- you can’t add it to your cart.


Fanatical just started a sale on it for $26.79.


Everyone needs to jump on this.


Samsung 128GB EVO+ UHS-I microSDXC Memory Card $36.00


The UHS-3 version is even cheaper on Amazon.


Not a fan of buying these products from Amazon anymore, especially from 3rd party, but good to know! It is indeed a lower price.


Fanatical has been posting new $1 bundles all week.

The Dollar Viva Bundle has 24 Steam games (HOGs mostly) for $1.

The Dollar Mega Bundle has 28 Steam games, a mix of indies, HOGs and casual games, for $1.

The Dollar Loco Bundle has 10 Steam games for $1. This bundle includes the Labyronia 1 & 2, Legend of Mysteria and Greyfox RPGs (RPG Maker games) among others.

The Dollar Loot Bundle is 25 Steam indie games you’ve never heard of for $1.

The Dollar Classics Bundle is 21 “classic” (meaning old and probably sloppily ported) games on Steam for $1. Includes Daemonsgate, a 1993 DOS RPG game I own in it’s original big box and never thought I would see ported to anything, much less Steam. I can guaranty it has not aged well. =)

The Dollar Collector’s Bundle is 10 more indie Steam games for $1.

The Indie Legends 8 Bundle is still live, and a bargain at $3.49 for Steam keys to Convoy, Train Valley, Among the Sleep and Organ Trail Complete among others.

And the Slitherine Reloaded Bundle is also a good deal at $5.49 (for all three tiers) if you don’t already own Alea Jacta Est, Hell, Advanced Tactics Gold or Pandora : First Contact among others.

Hidden Steam Sale Deal : If you’re interested in the 1C ARPG Fall of Light, which is on sale for $4.94 (67%), and you already own King’s Bounty : Dark Side Premium Edition, you can get Fall of Light Bundled for only $3.70 (75%). Steam bundle magic!



I figure it shoudl be at least good enough to entertain a 4 year old.


I like toys and I have two little boys, yet that seems overpriced (and potentially super annoying) to me, even at the sale price. The original price of $150 seems crazy.

As a parent, I try to avoid getting overly noisy toys as presents for other kids. It’s a golden rule kind of thing.


Well fortunately his mommy told me this would make his day. As a distant aunt, I don’t mind spending money on way too silly things like this. He’ll get a kick out of how it looks even if the functions aren’t great.

His mommy and nephew don’t know that their two year sub to Paw Patrol should be showing up during his birthday month too. He might get more long-term fun out of that, and that’s quiet play.

I agree, 150 for that seems nuts.


For the King is $10.99 (45%) as the Fanatical Star Deal today. I believe that is a historic low for the game.

Fanatical also has a new Dollar Command Bundle for, you guessed it, $1. 12 Steam games mostly from developer HexWar Games, who make simple hex-based single-player wargames.

The Dollar Forever Bundle, also $1, has 27 mostly older indie Steam games including the Sparkle series, Frederic series and the ARPG Iesabel.

The Dollar Jumbo Bundle, $1 obviously, has 25 mostly casual Steam games including the 7 Wonders series, Luxor series and several HOGs.

GreenManGaming has a Black Death + Overlord + Overlord 2 Bundle for only $3.99 that also comes with a free GMG Indie Game Mystery Pack 1 , which is 7 unrevealed indie Steam games.

They also have the Stable Orbit + Operation Flashpoint + Operation Flashpoint 2 Bundle for $3.99 which also includes the GMG Indie Game Mystery Pack 2, which is presumably 7 different Indie titles on Steam.


Not a bargain, but a reminder that today is the last day to purchase the Williams/Bally tables for Pinball Arcade on all platforms.


Oh cool that includes 1812: The Invasion of Canada and 1775: Rebellion, the digital adaptations of the boardgames.

As shown by Tom on this stream/video:


For those in the US, eBay has another coupon today. 15% off a purchase over $25. Max discount is $100. Coupon code is PERFECTDAY.


<3 Thanks @DaveLong


Thanks indeed. Too bad no Steam keys for Overload appear to be for sale on eBay. :-(


They’ve been doing these about every two weeks. I think 20% is the highest so far. If, like me, you’re buying retro games from eBay, it really puts the prices into a much nicer range.