Bargain Thread 2018


Almost picked it up during the recent steam sale. But this is an even better deal! Thanks.


Crowntakers and its expansion are well worth the $1.99 price of that Fanatical Strategy Bundle, the fact that you get Space Hulk Ascension, Grand Ages Medieval and the others is super delicious double fudge icing on the chocolate cake.


That’s great to know! Once I get done with work, was going to look over the bundle and ask for any other recommendations.

I can say from having played some Grand Ages Medieval…it sure is pretty. And an outstanding achievement in 3d map-making. (It’s the engine that was also used for Railway Empire, a far superior game, apparently.) My very limited experience with GAM is just that it’s a very dull game, despite having so many ways where it shouldn’t be dull.


I would say the same for Command & Colors The Great War. Too bad it didn’t sell well enough for more games to be produced using that system.


So its less than $3 now…


>OBSERVER is free on Twitch today for Prime members, this is the one I really wanted.


Is it true that the Space Hulk game in that bundle above has a lot of DLC needed to make it feel complete, or does it stand on its own?
The Crowntakers game looks pretty cute.


Quick summary on this? Google said horror game.


I grabbed it. Space Hulk, Royal Heroes and Crown Takers all looked fun.


It’s an investigative mystery cyberpunk walking sim with horror-ish elements when you jack into crazy or dead peoples’ brains. It’s a mindfuck with a great story. Or so I hear, I haven’t played it yet.

Also the player character is voiced by Rutger Hauer.


Slay the Spire, which was a hot seller during the Summer Sale, is $10.07 (37%), a historic low, for the weekend on Steam.

#1357 free, on Steam. Ends July 14.


Must be a German word for getting excited about a free Steam game and being subsequently super disappointed that you forgot you already own it.




More like “Verdampft!!”

(a play on Verdammt! meaning “dammit!” but if I’m not mistaken it probably means “steamed” in the literal, not figurative sense)


Square Enix sale happening now on the Humble Store. Lots of stuff, but the main relevant thing for most people is probably going to be Final Fantasy XII for $25 ($22.50 for Humble Monthly subs).


TACOMA is free on Twitch today for Prime members

Surviving Mars is $24 (40% off) over on Fantatical.


Well played.
That’s absolutely correct.


Fanatical has a bundle with the whole Pyro Studios catalog for 1€. That’s all the Commandos except the shooter, Praetorians and one other Medieval game.

In the news today:
Pyro sold all the rights to the games mentioned above to the German publisher Kalypso. Generally speaking Kalypso tend to use the rights they’re buying. So I wouldn’t be surprised if a new Commandos is coming.


Vielen Dank für die Bestätigung! (oder wäre das eher Zusage*?)

*Actually I think that’s more “approval,” isn’t it?