Bargain Thread 2018


Niiiiiiiiiice. Thanks for the heads up. That’s a steal on Shadow Tactics!


Does anyone who’s done recent gaming work care to weigh in on this?


Yes, indeed…Shadow Tactics is well worth $6 all by itself.


I took a quick look at it, not a good first impression. Typos in the ad. No listing of who the instructors are. There aren’t any names at all on their website. Videos seem to be fairly basic stuff about Game Salad & Unity 3D.


I got it on Twitch for free myself–well “free” with Amazon Prime.


Appreciate it, thanks :)


Yeah until you can read reviews be careful about the Stackskills content. They often sell fairly cheap classes at PCWorld shop. So I picked up a Python bundle. Jeebus. It’s a collection of videos, clearly not all of the same course. And the first one has you download and install the Python package (a monkey could have done this with a blindfold on) and the first command the guy tells you to do doesn’t work because his install directory is different. Ugh. I could probably muddle my way through the videos but I might instead use one of those digital books I got in one of the Humble Bundles.

Then again another class (intro to Ruby, I think it was) from that same publisher was much better. The speaker spoke English well and the audio was clear, much better than the Python course.

I really wish there were more reviews available for these things.


Hey all, Overload (Descent 4 without the license, basically) is on sale for 20% off! Sooo tempted…


In case you missed it during the Steam Sale, the $3 Spintires : Mudrunner Deal is back for owners of the original Spintires. If you have Spintires in your Steam library, you can pay $2.99 to upgrade to Mudrunner, which is a much improved version of the game. Mudrunner also has two free DLCs, The Valley and The Ridge.


Do it, you shall not regret it! Here’s a bit more persuasion…


I hate that review structure. I see “Very Positive” and think, “Shit… something is wrong with it because it is not Overwhelmingly Positive.”


I’m guessing you probably know this already, but I only found this out recently, but Overwhelmingly Positive requires 500 reviews or more. Otherwise it’s just Very Positive. Until I found this out yes, I found it very odd.


Wow, I wish this was more obvious. I had no idea.


And these reviews must be “pure” reviews to count - in other words, they were bought directly through Steam. No bundle or external key giveaway.


Hey nice, I actually bought Overload through Steam, for once. That means I can give it a “pure” review once i’m finished. I used my kickstarter copy to get the Xbox version, whenever they eventually release that.


Dragon’s Dogma : Dark Arisen for the historic low price of $8.39 as the daily deal on Fanatical today. Going fast…

Also at Fanatical, the Nemesis 8 Bundle - Three tiers:
Pay $1 for Steam keys to:

  • ARES Extinction Agenda EX
  • Awe
  • Black and White Bushido

Pay $4.99 and also receive:

  • Windward
  • Dungeon Souls
  • Deployment
  • Super Mutant Alien Assault
  • Original Journey
  • Nightmare Boy
  • FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15
  • True Fear : Forsaken Souls

Pay $5.99 and unlock:

  • Dreadout plus Soundtrack and Manga DLC
  • Dreadout : Keepers of the Dark

I’m not a huge horror game fan, but Windward and Dungeon Souls are absolutely worth $5…and for only $1 more you may as well own Dreadout if it at all interests you.

And in case you missed it a few months ago, the Fanatical Anthology Fantasy Bundle has made an encore appearance. $2.99 for Steam keys to:

  • Blood Knights
  • Lichdom : Battlemage
  • Demonicon
  • GemCraft : Chasing Shadows
  • Rune (Classic)
  • Two Worlds II : Velvet Edition
  • Sudeki
  • Blades of Time Limited Edition
  • Drakensang
  • Heroes of Annihilated Empires
  • Wizardry 6 & 7
  • Etherlords I & II
  • Knights and Merchants
  • Inquisitor
  • Numen : Contest of Heroes

Even though they are all older games, that’s an amazing value for $3.

Great deal over at Humble Bundle if you like the Sniper : Ghost Warrior series or were curious about Lords of the Fallen (which is decent).

Current QT3 darling Slay the Spire is the daily deal at Humble for $10.07 for monthly members.


GMG is starting their summer sale, sign in to see the early sale deals, I guess the real sale starts sometime this week.


For the GMG sale, $7.97 for Prey (once it’s in your cart).


LOL. My backlog is all “We huuuuunger. We huuunnnger stilllllll”


Yeah! They all seem to be cheaper in cart, saw this on reddit: