Bargain Thread 2018


Huh, I for some reason thought the Razer store didn’t offer Steam codes.


PSN Flash sale is on until Monday.

Unravel 1 & 2 bundle - 30%
Dark Souls: Remastered - 30%
Yakuza 6 - 40%
FarCry Primal - 70%
Vampyr - 33%
Star Wars: Battlefront II - 75%

EDIT: Whoah, just found this: Capcom Beat’em Up Bundle. Looks pretty awesome! Just King of Dragons and Knights of the Round in one package is already pretty awesome!


GMG sells PS4 codes? I can’t seem to see any on their site.


It might be a country restriction thing.


It’s already available on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One and it’s superb. If you’ve never played Battle Circuit and Armored Warriors before, you are in for a treat.


Thanks for posting that Slayer Bundle from Fanatical. I’m pausing the Humble Monthly and for less than half the price I’m getting a bunch of games that are actually interesting to me. That $5 tier is a no-brainer if you don’t have most or all of them.

EDIT: I installed the Styx game and played about an hour or two. Not bad except for the rather muddy color palette. I gather that the point is to always avoid combat because I can’t seem to get the parry timing right, and one guard takes me out in 3-4 blows.


Fanatical Star Deal today is Grand Theft Auto V for $17.49 (42%). NOTE : This is NOT a Steam Key. It activates on Rockstar Social Club, which requires creating an account.

Steam has over 800 Weeklong Deals this week. Some highlights:


For Heroes of Might and Magic V (one of the better titles), unless you need the campaign, skip the base game and get the Tribes of the East. It is a stand alone version with all the town’s, factions and features of the original, plus multiple upgrade paths for units.

It’s not like IV, and instead, is similar to III.


I glandes, and it seems HOMM V is bundled in a weird way, alongside other Heroes games, while leaving out what appears to be standalone expansion packs (something in the East, and another one)?




Yeah, Tribes of the East is stand alone. It’s the best value. You can ignore the rest for 5.

Which is what I said. I think.


If you are a fan of hidden-object adventure games, Fanatical has two nice bundles for you.

GreenManGaming has a Scandimania sale happening. Basically it’s games from Scandinavian developers/publishers at up to 80% off. Use the code NORDIC15 and get an extra 15% off. That leads to deals like:

  • Pillars of Eternity : Definitive Edition - $17
  • Cities Skylines - $6.37 (All DLC also on sale)
  • Warhammer : Vermintide 2 - $16.82 (DLC also on sale)
  • Battletech - $23.79
  • Age of Wonders III - $6.37
  • Tyranny - $13.00
  • Deals on Europa Universalis IV & Crusader Kings II plus tons of DLC.
  • And many more titles

Steam Midweek Madness features 50% off both Absolver - $14.99 and NieR Automata - $29.99.
The DiRT Franchise is also on sale for up to 78% off.
Steam also has the Versus Evil 5th Anniversary Sale featuring:


I love how the “Dirt Franchise” is two games.


Not a yuge deal, but 20% off seems to be the best price for this new release:




This was a good suggestion, now replicated!


They must have noticed that I’ve paused at least half of the months since I signed up (I think it was April 2017 for Dirt Rally as the early reveal), and actually asked for my input this time, FWIW.


They did the same for me, it might be a new thing, although this is the third time I’ve paused it out of the last four months.


You’re right. Looks like the other DiRT games are no longer sold on Steam. I wonder why?

Luckily I have all 4 of the older ones in my steam library already. (As well as the two new ones that are still listed, obviously).


I bet music licensing.

Thankfully I have them all as well. Whew. 2 is still my favorite, but I’ve yet to play 4.