Bargain Thread 2018


Oh God, I don’t even

Did they make a mistake? I think they put the same game 15 times, y’know, that dating sim with a nonsense title and a random sci-fi plot where the trailer is just J-pop and portraits of anime waifus.


Love that description of a genre that looks all the same to me.


I think Root Double is supposed to be pretty good. Beyond that, no idea.


Right guys, I’m back, I just made an anime dating sim.

It’s called Legacy of Memories: Xcelsior Love Plus. It’s about a high school academy built around a magic crystal that replled an alien invasion 5000 years ago. So you guys power up the crystal with the power of your lust relationships with the other nubile students, who are all girls except for you, how 'bout that. Except you discover in the end that the crystal was the aliens all along and that you’re feeding them from an alternate dimension you’re all locked in because humanity never actually won.

Coming soon on Steam. Pledges would be nice. Also: looking for a talented artist to draw various nubile ladies bending over.


I’d watch that anime. :P


And @Woodlance wins the internet today.


You can pickup the original Dead Space for free (to keep) via EA Origin’s On The House program.


There’s plenty more where that came from.

Get ready for our second title, Sunrise Burst - Battlefield Encore! Set in a military academy between two warring nations, the entire cast is made up of cat girls, because why the hell not. As the only human able to speak their language, you’re the only one that can fuc lead them. Their culture happens to dictate they have to charge in combat wearing battle bikinis, much to the amusement (and amazement) of everyone. Unbeknownst to all, the cat girls are actually envoys of the Heavenly Goddess sent to test humanity. Humanity is about to be destroyed because it is found lacking and unable to live in peace, but all is saved because one (all?) of the catgirls has fallen in love with you, thus telling the Goddess that it’s all worth it because of love or something.

Guys, I have a question about female anatomy. Which part of a woman is bigger, the eyes or the boobs? Keep in mind we’ve already drawn the latter to be pretty big.


Almost PR I guess, so I 'll blur myself.

Wonderful summary of the enduring imperialist Japan logical fail, still living on in today’s anime. So well done, sir.


Well thanks. We here at Sakura Studios are all about sending a political message through our cheap titillation.


I think it should be “Sakara Studios”, because it seems like a misspelling of Sakura.


I would NOT watch this second anime. Sorry. Sounds too much like hentai for me. :P


Oooh, or “Sakkura Studios”


It does? Well, the plot’s the same anyway. The difference lies only in a very minor wardrobe adjustment.

Nevertheless, Sakkura Studios will strive to do better to please its fans.


Cat girls basically only exist in hentai anime, so you’ve given yourself away, sir!

(Clutches pearls)


So says the guy with a cat avatar.

I prefer whale girls.

P.S.: Please don’t tell me if such a thing really exists. Thnx.



I rest my case, sir!


Why did you post the same video twice?

Type edit. Lost instead of post



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