Bargain Thread 2018

My key arrived 30 minutes after ordering. The deal was posted on Reddit, so maybe they are swamped?

It came through about a half hour ago so it all worked out, it was just taking some time. Probably because it was popular, like you say.

Thanks a million Mr_Bismarck for getting me a key. Worked a charm.

Glad it worked!

Breathedge is already making me laugh a lot, so this worked out well.

Yeah, it looked a bit wacky. Post a review when you’ve finished, I’ll be interested in what you think.

I got an email that Gorogoa is 45% off on Steam. I can’t remember why a game with this name is on my wishlist. I did a search on Qt3 and found these post:

You need this game. It is incredible.

While I can appreciate what it’s trying to do, it wasn’t for me, as past the initial screens, I was mostly fiddling randomly with the stuff on screen, hoping to progress. I didn’t enjoy it.

For those who don’t have XCOM2 at all in any flavour, you can pick up the base plus all DLC for $25 using the following link:

Thats a great deal if you don’t own any of it.

Ugh, the Windows Game Store though. If it’s anything like my experience with its DRM and Forza Horizon 3 with non Play Anywhere games, I’d look elsewhere.

Now, if it’s just a Steam key, no problem.

It’s a separate website, no MS affiliation. Their sister site is macgamestore.

Yeah this site just resells keys. :)

Thanks for the info. Somehow I had conflated them.

Umm , Build your own Tiny Build Bundle!

Also Fanatical has a THQ-Nordic sale going on:

Worth it for Guts and Glory. Amazing.

Hey all, I’m considering getting a PS4 or a PS4 Pro this holiday season, and there’s a Costco “members only price” bundle that includes a PS4 Pro, a Sony wireless headset, a physical copy of Spider-Man and an extra “DS4 controller with Fortnite Bonus Content” for $560 +10 shipping. Bargain? I suppose I could sell off the extra controller + Fortnite stuff since that’s of no interest to me.
I’m sure there will be lots of bundles available, of course.

That better be a great headset, because you can get the PS4 Pro at $399 retail and Spiderman is $60.

Possibly worth it if it’s the Gold headset, but there will be better deals in the next month or so.

Yeah I am thinking PS4 PRO his $299 this holiday season.