Bargain Thread 2018


Yoku’s Island Express is $6.60 on Xbox. I remember it getting very positive buzz here at Qt3. What type of game was it again? A platformer?

EDIT: I found the Qt3 thread. Apparently it’s a pinball metroidvania?


COH2 is one of those games which isn’t bad, but would have been better off trying to do “more of the same, but better” imho. Speaking of which, I heartily recommend Company of Heroes: Eastern Front which is eternally free, what with it being a community mod on Steam.


Meh. I was angry at Relic for abandoning Homeworld. (Though after HW2 I can sort of understand why.)


GamersGate UK has a nice deal for an Unreal Pack. Get everything named Unreal or Unreal Tournament for 2.30 units of their strange currency. It’s a single Steam key.

They also have a THQ Nordic sale. I noticed that this is pretty much the only store around selling Gothic 2 vanilla and the G2 Add-On as single products. They’re on sale for ca. 1.20 each.


Any one of them that I should skip? If I went for them all, that’s 22 whole bucks, sheesh, including the deluxe content pack.


Nah, they all add a ton of shit. Worth getting.


Fanatical Star Deal is Total War : Warhammer II for $26.99 (55%), a historic low.

Also just launched at Fanatical, the Road Rage Bundle for $3.99. Includes:

  • Mad Max
  • Cluster Truck
  • Guts & Glory
  • Carmageddon : Max Damage


Also Indiegala has got some bundle for 3,5$ with the puzzling, irritating and then amazing Has-Been Heroes, a game that is rumored to be played by snobs on the Switch — nope, that’s not bitterness, nope.


The Art of AC:Odyssey is $17 (use 10% off coupon on page).

I already had the Syndicate and Origins ART books and they are fantastic. :D


OK, Steam had the “fill out your bundle” option that brought the price down to a more reasonable 16 and change for the whole shebang, so I went with that. I already had SG Warlords (which I bought in Early Access).




Best of Chrono GG sale runs Dec 8th - Dec 17th. (1 game per day).

Today is Everspace Ultimate Edition $10.


Cross posting this because I doubt it will go any lower for a yearly subscription.


Subnautica and Super Meat Boy will both be free later this month on the epic game store. Deets here:


Razer Game Store has a bit of a pre-christmas sale going on, lots of Ubi games on sale and other stuff:


Okay that’s it I’m not buying any more games. All these games being given away, which I’ve bought, but never played.


I JUST bought subnautica on sale recently. Feels great to hear it’ll be free before I get a chance to play it.


There is a problem with that store: about any login name randomly human sounding I could think of was already taken. I succesfully managed to eventually create an account by smashing my head on my keyboard, but I fear this is only a temporary solution until bots get to all the possible combinations.
Edit: and confirmation emails aren’t coming so, yup.


Weird. I tried to sign up and it said there was already an account, even though I’m sure I’ve never signed up for the Epic Game store. So I thought, maybe it’s something back in the Unreal Tournament days?

So I reset the password and signed in.

Apparently my name is Asd Dsa, and I’m from the Russian Federation. Who knew?



Probably trying to get your Fortnite account, I guess? except of course you didn’t have one.