Bargain Thread 2018


Tales from the Borderlands free for Twitch Prime members until Jan 17th


The humble store winter sale is back on. Hollow Knight is less than $9. Anyone who doesn’t have this already should pick it up immediately!


IndieGala has a new Indie Secrets Bundle for $3.49 that seems to contain mostly junk but might be of interest to HOG/Adventure fans for it’s inclusion of the complete Adam Wolfe collection (Ep. 1-4), which is normally $19.99.

Fanatical Star Deal today is SuperDimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls : Complete Deluxe Set for $15.49 (60%). I can’t even begin to explain what this is…but if you’re a HyperDimension fan it’s probably a good deal?

As @Chappers mentioned, Humble Store has the return of the Winter Sale. Some really good deals for Monthly subscribers, including:

  • Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - $3.59 (80%)
  • Titan Quest Ragnarok - $13.49 (33%)
  • No Man’s Sky - $21.59 (64%)
  • Fallout 4 - $13.49 (55%)
  • Grim Dawn - $6.74 (73%)
  • Grim Dawn Ashes of Malmouth - $13.76 (24%)
  • Tales from Candlekeep : Tomb of Annihilation - $8.63 (46%)
  • Armello - $10.79 (46%)
  • Shadow Tactics : Blades of the Shogun - $17.99 (55%)


lol as if anyone ever paid $20 for Adam Wolfe.


I think someone missed the Holiday sale of this but this is close.

Samsung Evo Plus 39.99


Uh… I’m far from disinterested, but wanted to be sure folks knew that the Life Is Strange series is on sale over the weekend. Season 1 is 75% off ($5) and the prequel Before the Storm is 30% off ($12).


Blue Monday @ GMG ,use code BLUE25 for 25% off all games.


Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. It’s a mind virus!


Which one, the song by Fats Domino, the one by Foreigner, or the one by New Order?


Ha, I only knew about the Fats Domino one–guess I was never cool enough to know about the New Order one.


I know only about the New Order one. I didn’t know about the others.


I know the New Order and Fats Domino tunes, but never heard of a “Blue Monday” by Foreigner. Perhaps he meant Blue Morning, Blue Day?


Yes, that’s the one I’m thinking of. Memory fail.


Blue Monthly
How does it feel, to add to your backlog?
When you’ve subbed’ to the Humble Monthly, and own none of the games?
I thought it was a bargain, I thought I’d play them all.
Tell me when will I play? Tell me now, when will I play?

Fanatical Star Deal today is the very interesting looking Book of Demons for $11.99 (40%). I’ve had this indie RPG on my wishlist for a while now, but I may wait for a 50% discount or more before pulling the trigger (see backlog referenced above).

Also new at Fanatical, the Spotlight 4 Bundle showcases 10 Indie Steam games for $2.49. I do not know much about the included games, although twin-stick shooter Thoth did receive some positive attention from critics awhile back.

IndieGala has a new Monday Motivation Bundle featuring 12 Steam games for $2.99. Again, mostly unheard of indie games, though puzzle game Sugar Box has positive reviews and strategy hybrid Goblin Harvest : The Mighty Quest looks unique and interesting.

The Red Solstice is FREE at Humble Store for 48 hours.


What about the one by Orgy?




You’re right, yours are distinct songs and mine is a cover.


Thoth is very good. Levels play quickly so retrying is painless. I never had to bang my head for too long before I could beat the 5 levels in a row to hit the next save point. It was about the right amount of challenging.


Roguelike dungeon crawler Dungeon Souls is the Fanatical Star Deal today at $3.89 (70%).

Also at Fanatical, the Very Positive Sale features discounts of up to 80% on 40 or so games rated very positive on Steam.

IndieGala has a new Brain Teaser Bundle live today for $2.99. 9 Indie Steam games, including 90’s-style 16bit RPGs Dragon’s Twilight and Shattered Throne, both of which get positive reviews, and arcade puzzlers VEX and Radium 2.


Those are some interesting bargains.