Bargain Thread 2018


Anyone played this? Half off on Steam until the 28th.


GreenManGaming is offering a “Woot Crate” for $1 that contains Overlord, Overlord II, Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising and Operation Flashpoint : Red River. Use code CRATE50 to get it down to $1 from the list price of $2.

Fanatical Flash Deal is Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition for $31.99 (60%).

Fanatical BundleFest continues with the Bento Bundle, $4.99 for 10 Anime Steam games. I’m not familiar with any of them, though several of them seem to be positively reviewed on Steam.


Just want to throw it it to that I really appreciate you summarizing this here, @SlainteMhath.


It’s still in early access, and has flaws all over it that make me hesitate to recommend it.

That said, it has improved greatly over the last few months, and the developers have been very active in updating it.

And with that said, this same group of developers abandoned their last project, so…


FYI all, Guns of Icarus Online and … Alliance are both free on Steam for some reason.


I had a hard time getting into Pathologic when I tried a few years ago and didn’t feel like investing the time it would take to understand the mechanics, but it’s very interesting and I never regretted purchasing it. I believe there’s a remake forthcoming, so I’ve been holding off for it to be released to give it another go.


OK, thanks. Was thinking of getting it but I’ll probably wait and see how it develops over the Summer.


Investigator is $0.45 cents over at Humble Store.


It’s for purely selfish reasons I assure you. If I’m going to be suckered into buying tons of cool games I’ll never have time to play just because they look awesome and are on 90% discount or bundled in some $4 bundle, then I’m sure as hell going to drag the rest of you down that bottomless backlog black hole with me! ;-)


Phantom Brave PC is the Fanatical Star Deal of the day at $5.99 (60%).

Humble Store has multiplayer pirate game Blackwake for $9.89 (50%).
They also have a Publisher’s Sale on Playism Games with up to 67% off all week.

Steam Weeklong Deals include a couple of decent deals this week:


Big summer sale over at Miniature Market.

The biggest highlight I saw was Qt3 fave Darkest Night 2E for $85.


Fanatical has Dishonored : Death of the Outsider as the Star Deal today for $13.49 (55%).

They also have a new Dollar Collector’s Bundle for, uh, $1. 10 Steam games that all look a little “meh”, but all have Trading Cards if that’s your thing.

Humble has an ARMA 2018 Bundle live with 4 tiers. $20 top tier nets you pretty much everything ARMA including ARMA III : APEX

IndieGala has yet another Anime Rhapsody Bundle featuring 11 Anime titles for $3.99. I have no idea about any of them, maybe someone more qualified can weigh in?


Actually, several of the DLC of Arma 3 are misssing:


The last four: jets, tanks, laws of war and tac-ops


Pffft…who needs jets, tanks and tactical ops to fight a war? Oh…


It’s all stuff that was ~25 cents in past sales. A couple are good games. I enjoyed Splatter.


War is sooo P2W!


That should be the official slogan of the Department of Defense.


I notice Battlefleet Gothic Armada is available on Steam for $10.49, maybe I’ll finally pick it up. Also, Eisenhorn: Xenos is $2.99, 80% off. Yes I know it sucks, but still.


This game is amazing y’all, just saying.



Definitely interested in Martyr once it comes out on PS4, whenever that ends up being.