Bargain Thread 2018

All those Twitch Prime games showed up for free. Mostly backlog (except Superhot seems fun), but not bad for another Prime perk. You can also toss a Prime Subscription via Twitch, once a month to a channel (as long as it’s not your own), for free. So giving McMaster or Tom a Twitch sub costs essentially nothing and throws a few bones their way.

Hopefully it ships faster than that! If not, I guess you can always cancel it if you find a better deal or GPU prices drop.

This reminded me of when my friend’s Dad ordered a new Dell machine, back in the mid-1990s, and it conveniently arrived with a hard drive full of pornography. He was not nearly as amused as my friend and I were.

WTF, really? That’s crazy. Obviously some rogue employees using HDDs for their “stuff” as temporary storage or something?

IIRC this was a national problem for Dell. They shipped a few thousand computers with the preloaded porn and had to recall them all. I’ll see if I can find a news article about it. Must have been 20 yrs ago.

Edit: maybe it was Gateway or Compaq? I can’t remember. I’ll ask my friend.

Edit2: he confirmed it was Dell, but said it was ~15 yrs ago.

LONG time lurker, 1st time poster. Your info on Twitch finally had me sign up. My kids are crazy about twitch and I have long wanted Shadow Tactics and had no idea about this deal! My give back was to use my free sub on Tom’s channel, cheers BBT

Just FYI, that free Twitch sub with Prime doesn’t automatically renew, so you can re-up with Tom’s channel in a month or spread the love and subscribe to a different one. Otherwise it goes to waste.

Welcome! I’m praying your username was chosen because you play Bass Trombone really well!

I haven’t really used Twitch much so thanks for the info.

Today’s deal on Steam is Yooka-Laylee for $13.5. I don’t think it’s ever been that cheap before.

Man, I’m such an influencer.

The Darkness 2 is free on Humble for the next 48-ish hours.

That’s a great game. Tom did a great job of articulating its merits:

If you missed the Baldur’s Gate sale last week, it’s back for 24 more hours.

Worth it for the soundtracks ALONE.

Through the Ages @38% discount @release… not sure if intended in the light of the somewhat confused release. Bought it. Very much looking forward to it.

Got an email from GOG that Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition is on sale for $6.99, I’ve kinda been watching it a while and now I guess I need to decide whether I actually want to buy. Any good?

Somehow I think @BrianRubin will have an opinion about this.

Are…you asking if Starfleet Command is good, or if the GOG version works or some such?

If it’s good. I assume if GOG is selling it that it works.

Interstate 76 owners offer a sad laugh and shake of the head.