Bargain Thread 2018

I actually own that on GOG though I confess haven’t played that version. Is it busted?

I think that finally, a few years after it went on sale with GOG that a working launch wrapper was finally created that can emulate glide and make the game work.

But yeah, for a few years it was a game they sold that only a precious lucky handful could run.

Can’t confirm, but there’s a report on Reddit that Gamestop has the Dropmix base set on clearance for $35.

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It’s not just glide, the utility kills explorer.exe to make sure the game works. It’s so weird.

As for Starfleet Command, it and the entire SFC series are some of the top Trek games. You can’t go wrong with it, in my opinion.

I can confirm that SFC works. That said, I’m still waiting for them to get Chaos Overlords running under WIn 8/10.

So just last week I was complaining about Humble’s recent lack of game bundles. They must have heard me, because a week on the heels of the Jumbo 11 bundle that featured Domina and Kingdom : New Lands for only $1, they’ve released…

Mini Metro for $1? Score.
SOMA for under $5? DEAL.

Meanwhile, the Humble Store is having an Indie Mega Week Sale. Check the sale each day between now and April 2nd to collect a stamp. Collect them all for a free game (HackyZack).

Fanatical continues their recycling week with an encore of the Vanquish + Bayonetta Pack at $11.99 (70%).

Steam has the Warhammer 40K Dawn of War Franchise on sale for Midweek Madness. Somehow I already own the entire franchise despite having never played a single DoW game. Is that sad? It is, isn’t it.

If you feel sad about DoW, join us on discord sometime. Usually people are interested in some DoW MP games.

New Spotlight 6 Bundle on Fanatical. $2.49 for 10 Indie games on Steam.

The inclusion of Knight Squad (fun with friends), Castle Torgeath (an homage to King’s Field) and Age of Gladiators (great management sim) make this bundle worthwhile.

That seem like an interesting bundle. And people worry about curation.

Spec Ops: The Line free for the next two days:

Fanatical has RAGE for $2.19 as the Star deal today. Seems like an odd choice given it’s age and the fact that it’s been cheaper (possibly free) in the past.

Use code PAYDAY20 to get 20% off at GreenManGaming. Using this code:
Tyranny is only $12.24, a historic low.
NieR : Automata is only $24.00
Fallout 4 is $12.00
DOOM is $12.00

Over on Steam, the Frontier Publisher Sale features discounts on all things Elite Dangerous. $13.49 for the base game, 40% off the Horizons Season Pass and all of the DLC packs. Also, Planet Coaster is $20.24 (55%).

And fanatical has Bomber Crew for $6:

Plus I think you can get another 10% with the SPRING10 code.

I bet it comes in a humble bundle or monthly very soon, that price keeps dropping.

Spec Ops: The Line is, by far, one of the darkest story lines I have ever played in a video game. In fact, it is by far the darkest storyline I have ever read in a book or seen in a movie. The FPS action is decent, but it really is all about the story. If any of this interests you, you should check this game out. I know this is a game Ill never forget about, it had that much of an impact on me.

Well, Spec Ops:The Line is a bastardization of Apocalypse Now which itself is a bastardization of The Heart of Darkness, but there’s enough of the original speck of genius for it to still be a great story, at least by video game standards. And it’s free!

Agreed on both counts. I really enjoyed Spec Ops : The Line a lot, and the story was a straight up modern adaptation of Apocalypse Now / Heart of Darkness with enough original content to make it very compelling. I’m not a huge FPS fan, and sections of the game were difficult for me, but the story kept me playing through them. How many FPS games can claim that? Very few.

The Signal from Tolva is still $6 over at Fanatical. The new arctic themed dlc is out today free for all owners (old and new).

Use code SPRING10 for 10% off the sale price.

Also Glass Masquerade is $1. (voucher does not work).
Its fantastic and EVERYONE should own it.

good deals, getting both. thanks!

I’m all over Glass Masquerade. Another IndieGala bundle today:

Bottom of the 9th in the $3.50 tier caught my eye after seeing it pop up from @robc04 playing a bunch.

Yes I was surprised to see it here. First Handelabra game to be bundled!

That indiegala bundle has so many horrible games though. :(