Bargain Thread 2018

The music in that trailer is really different and sets an atmosphere unlike any I’ve seen in games. Is the music in the actual game like that, or is it just the trailer?

(Music in the trailer is… industrial ambient music, is how I would describe that maybe).

Soundtrack is here, I believe you can listen to most of them for free, at least in sample form.

Steam almost had me fooled today. If you buy one of the daily deals, you get Steam Link for $1.

I’m not interested in Steam Link, but for $1? And I get Hollow Knight for around $10, which isn’t bad. I’ll do it!

Next screen says shipping is estimated at $9 for the Steam link. Ouch. In the era of free shipping, that seems excessive. Are they trying to ship it overnight or something? Can’t I pick super slow ground shipping or something? Or maybe that is ground shipping and steam link is a really heavy piece of equipment.

Anyway, order cancelled.

It’s 3.9 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches; 1.9 pounds. So no, not large or heavy at all.

I mean, not that I don’t get you, it’s the principle of the thing with 90% of the total price being shipping. But looking at the bigger picture, I think I paid $50 for mine and I felt like I got a pretty good deal.

edit: hey, and I’ve got a question about something. We talked a while back about all the new gaming clients popping up, and I’ve been trying to claim all the free crap Twitch flings at me every so often, but I only today got around to installing the Twitch client to just check out what I actually own there, and nothing shows up. I log in, click on ‘My Games’ and there’s nothing, it tells me I should go buy some stuff. Naturally. Am I missing something?

There’s something odd with Amazon Prime Video. I’m a subscriber, but Amazon says I need to sign up for the free trial, and my Twitch Prime connection doesn’t work.

Shipping is actually pretty expensive, especially if they use a private shipping company and not the USPS. Places like Amazon that have free or cheap shipping are able to do this because they have very high volume and can negotiate sweetheart rates with the big providers and/or are willing to just eat some shipping costs in the name of gaining and retaining customer base. I doubt Valve uses shipping all that much because their primary business is digital.

I don’t think Rock8man is needlessly outraged at the lack of free shipping, but there are others who will protest it too much. Amazon has just conditioned the consumer to expect it when it’s not a cost all merchants can absorb.

I don’t even think it’s the cost so much as it’s not calculated into the upfront price despite it being a known quantity. It can feel a bit misleading. Still, it’s a great deal, regardless.

You are not missing much imho

On a not completely unrelated note, I’m using in-home Steam streaming to play games that won’t run at all on my gaming PC (Geforce 1080Ti) since the mobo has an Intel iGPU too. Typing of the Dead Overkill and A-Train Classic.

I suppose I could turn it off in the UEFI BIOS but I haven’t tried that yet. Instead, I stream it off my Plex server PC on the same network running a Geforce 1030. Not quite useful enough to justify the use of a Steam Link (I bought one and never opened it, selling it to a coworker with Steam controller for $20) but it works over the gigabit Ethernet.

I believe the Steam Link is limited to 100Mbit.

Rei, you can turn on AA per application on the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Good choice. You just saved yourself $10 for a dust collector that sits in your closet. :-)

I’ve played a few games using my Steamlink, but mostly I use it to stream media files to the TV via Kodi.

I use my Steam link fairly regularly, and it’s pretty great.

I think Steam Link is a nifty piece of hardware. Big Picture mode, otoh, I hate with a burning passion

Monoprice has PlayStation 4 controllers in gold and blue for $36.99 today only. That’s about as low as they go. It’s the Daily Deal on the main page.

Redout: Complete Edition for an amazing deal:

so is this better or worse or even comparable to wipeout? because wipeout on pc sounds pretty great.

It’s slim pickings for competent Wipeout-like racing on PC these days.