Bargain Thread 2018


If you have a BJ’s Wholesale Club near you and are a member, Star Wars Battlefront II is now $19.99 there.


Looks like Rakuten has Xbox One X on sale for $400, with coupon. About as low as I’ve ever seen it.


Yep no more keys at Fanatical, I even opened a ticket to complain. ([email protected])

But someone must have heard my complaints somehow over at Humble Store, because they have the same deal!

Space Hulk: Deathwing $14.39 (price includes the 10% humble monthly discount).

Also Humble Store has a SPRING SALE still going on!

Shadow of War is showing up at 46% off, and The Surge Complete Edition shows up at 55% off.


For the next seven or so hours, GMG has GR: Wildlands for $15.84 with GMGBDAY voucher, and starting at 12 midnight Pacific they’ve got more 8 hr deals with the same voucher including Shadow of War for $28.80.

I gather those are both enjoyable games, right? Especially keep hearing good things about Wildlands.


I will probably get Shadow of War. :)


I can vouch for Wildlands, 1st Season DLCs are completely optional and the vanilla game is quite a time sink already. There is the usual Ubisoft icon hunt. AI is a bit gamey for a Ghost Recon game (AI making impossible shots) and there is an infinite number of reinforcements. The story is poor. However the graphics is really great (but you need top of the line card to even run it [email protected] on ultra), and as a shooter sandbox game it is very good.

And guns. Lots of guns.


It’s true. If you’re into gun-porn, Ghost Recon Wildlands is about as gun-porny as you can get.


Space Tyrant is $10 right now people. BUY IT ALREADY IS SO GOOD. Really, one of the best space games of 2018 according to me.


Fanatical Star Deal today is the card battler Japornime game Monster Monpiece Deluxe Bundle. Contains base game and DLC for $2.69 (90% off). has a nice Best of Qumaron Bundle for $3.49. 10 games from the developer RealLore. Includes games in the Viking Saga, Road to Rome, Northern Tale and Adelantado series’, which are all casual resource/building/time management games with nice graphics and music.

Humble has a new Multiplayer game bundle up. Top Tier is Rocket League for $14 ($2 wallet rebate for Monthly folks), but it’s been cheaper. Not a very intriguing mix of games this time out to be honest.


So unfair: first tier include Rampage Knights, a Binding of Isaac meets beat’em’up game super enjoyable in single player from the Jets’n’Guns folks, which features an incredibly smooth online experience that very few games of this type can be proud of!

I agree that the upper tier isn’t my thing either. Besiege is a fun little toy that got blown out of proportion by some Youtube craze. Tom reviewed and streamed Hover. Duck Game is a game I didn’t get at all why it was being so highly regarded when they were offering it for a free week-end.

But Rampage Knights for 1 buck!


yeah, i think im in for Rampage Knights for 1 buck.


Very excited about Hover.


So Hover is awesome but wow the controls are tough to get a handle on. They might be too sensitive, so I miss a lot. Loving it though, wanna play more and git gud.


Well sure, the $1 tier in any Humble Bundle is pretty much always a steal. 3 or 4 games, at least one of which is usually something with mass appeal or at least worth $1 for curiosity’s sake. If I judged every Humble Bundle by the bottom tier they’d all be great.


GMG hit the SELL ALL THE GAMES button, as part of their Birthday Celebration, over 500 games on sale. Some have more than 75% off when using the publisher specific vouchers.

RAGE is like $2 and change.
ANNO 2070 Complete is $6 and change.


Hunh, I never got any of the 2070 expansions, might be worth going back to it with everything included. Of course, I never finished all the content in the base game either…


Thank you for making me understand that my enthusiasm for a game was just greed in disguise.


No Age of Wonders 3. Oh well.

There might be a coupon code - pcgames5off


Edited for less rudeness, as I’m not having the best day/week/life right now.

Sorry man, not my intent to give that impression. I simply meant that I tend to judge Humble Bundles by their upper tiers, as the lowest one is always a great deal. Your enthusiasm for Rampage Knights is great, and reinforces the value of the tier…I may even buy in at that level just to try the game after your recommendation of it. However, I still stand by my personal opinion that the upper tiers of this bundle, which feature previously bundled games and a top tier game that has been cheaper in the past, was disappointing when compared to previous offerings. I think that is fair.


Historic low on this amazing collection, you guys.