Bargain Thread 2019


It’s a new world, with a new bargain thread.

Bargain Thread 2018

Gamersgate has Pretty Girls Majong Solitaire for 80% off, making it only one buck for people that enjoy playing majong solitaire and looking at pretty girls.

Pretty Girls are waiting for you to come play!

  • Five characters appear in this game.
  • Once you make it to the third round, a girl in a sexy costume begins to reveal herself as you delete tiles…
  • As you clear stages, the girls get sexier and sexier!
  • All characters have recorded voices!

Character Introductions:

Rin Nakajo

A classic, old fashion-type girl who’s got a talent for sword fighting. She’s also a rich little princess.

Risa Amemiya

She can come across as a bit stand-offish, but she secretly enjoys cosplay.

Erina Kuwashima

A kind-hearted teacher with a charitable spirit. She’s also in charge of the swimming club.

Ayame Kirishima

A tomboy with a strong sense of justice. But she’s actually quite shy.

Kanon Matsuura

A young and famous pop star. A little spoiled and likes to do things her own way.

This is a puzzle game with sexy characters (no nudity).


Bundle fodder to start off the new year, lots of match 3 games!


Feel like going old school for the New Year? Star Wars : Jedi Knight Academy is $1.00 as the Star Deal today on Fanatical.

Fanatical also has Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus for only $15.69 with code FANATICAL10 at checkout.

GreenManGaming’s Mix-N-Match 5 for $5 Bundle has had a few new titles added. There is real value here for people interested in some decent indie games (Beat Cop, Inner Space, Tower 57, Super Cloudbuilt, ADR1FT, Peregrin, Quarantine and others) for $1 each.

GMG also has Prey or DOOM for $12.11 each with 15% VIP discount applied.
Tyranny is $11.48 with discount applied.
ELEX is $15.64 with discount.
Plus many other deals in their Winter Sale.

A new Stardock Games Bundle at Humble is a fantastic deal on several of their best strategy titles.

Gal Civ I & II Ultimate Editions and Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion for only $1!
Add Gal Civ III and Ashes of the Singularity : Escalation when you BTA at just under $10.
Unlock Offworld Trading Company Gold Edition plus DLC for both Gal Civ III and Ashes of the Singularity : Escalation for only $13 total.

REMINDER : Today is the last full day of the Steam Winter Sale. Make your purchases before 1:00PM EST tomorrow or forever hold your money…at least until the Spring Sale.


Since it’s buried in the bottom of the above post, I’ll highlight it here…

Today (1/2/2019) is the last full day of the Steam Winter Sale. Make your purchases before 1:00PM EST tomorrow or forever hold your money…at least until the Spring Sale.


I have a 66% off Book of Demons coupon (just appeared today when I activated Darkest Dungeon). It says it expires tomorrow (1/3/19), so if anyone wants a great deal ($7) on a fantastic game, let me know and I’ll send it to you via Steam.


I’d say this thread is starting on the right track!


By the way, this is week 4 of the PSN Holiday Sale.

I think it’s an encore with everything before also on sale, because the list is just too long for a sane mind to scroll through.


Fanatical Star Deal this weekend is Layers of Fear at $4.59 (80%).

Also new on Fanatical is the Headshot Bundle. $1.99 for Steam keys to:

  • Insurgency
  • System Shock : Enhanced Edition
  • Unloved
  • Killing Room
  • Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Fans of HOGs (Hidden Object Games) may like Indiegala’s new Artifex Mundi 11 Bundle which contains 10 games in the genre for $3.99.

Feeling lucky in the New Year? GreenManGaming is offering a Lucky Dip mystery grab bag deal. $0.99 nabs you a Steam key chosen at random from 50 titles. Many are indie titles that were just featured in their $5 (for 5 games) Mix’N’Match offer, but a decent amount of good games populate the selection. Odds of winning each game posted here.

The GMG Holiday Sale is still going on as well. Railway Empire is only $23.75 with the code GMG12 at checkout, or use your personal 15% off VIP code to pay only $22.94. Purchase a $20 GMG Gift Card to use when buying and receive 10 free random games.

In case you missed out on picking it up in the Steam Winter Sale, Kingdom Come : Deliverance is the Weekend Deal at $29.99 (50%). DLC is also discounted.
The Resident Evil Franchise is also once again on sale for the weekend.


Is this one good? It seemed to have a rocky launch.


Razer game store has all the episodes of Life Is Strange 2, for $27 , comes with a $10 voucher off your next $20 purchase (the voucher is good for like 2 weeks). Previous low price on this was $29 from GMG a few months ago.


Fanatical has Homeworld Remastered Collection as the Star Deal for only $5.24, a historic low. WELL worth the price.


Gaming collectibles sale at Best Buy:


I think this $20 price might be for a limited time:

I don’t even own a PS4, but I love FotNS (and am enjoying Yakuza 0) so much I am considering picking it up on the off chance I get hold of one secondhand someday.


Heh, Fist of the North Star was that super-super-super violent anime right? I heard about that, even though I’ve never seen it. It seems like a perfect fit for a video game.


There is a demo for the PS4 FotNS game. Try it out to see just how much more violent than Yakuza it can get. It’s probably worth speculating for the price…I wonder how well it sold?


Yes it’s violent:


Side Note: do you remember when Chinese martial arts movies (maybe just the ones that made it to the states) were all about how kung fu was all powerful and Western weapons were inferior? I feel like the tank scene is just a rehash of that.


Man, this served to notice that a great game like Offworld Trading Company, with novel idea and execution, tight design full of strategic decisions, lots of starting options and decent AI only has a ‘mostly positive’ user reviews on Steam. What’s wrong with people.


It’s not what most people expect. It’s really that simple. It’s an RTS in a completely different form, and a lot of people who buy it do not realise or appreciate what they are getting.


The major trend I see in reviews of OTC is that players tend to see about 18 buildable structures and then write the game off as too simplistic, usually drawing comparisons to something like an Anno game as what they were expecting to get.