Bargain Thread 2019

That may be one of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen, and not just because it’s the Phillies…

According to my email, Thea: The Awakening is on sale for $5 on steam now (probably because the second just came out). I put it on my wishlist a couple years ago with the intent of getting it when it was fine bucks, so here we go!

The Sims 4 is now free to add to your Origin PC library.

Must mean Sims 5 is not far off!

Or else they’re hoping to wring out a bunch more DLC sales…

I’d guess at minimum the latter. Since I think a complete set of Sims DLC now costs as much as a car.

First taste is free…

I oddly had to log in with Edge, not Origin or even Chrome to be able to add it, or else it would simply just allow me to gift it to others. Weird stuff.

The download link in the client is confusing. There are two buttons - one for gifting and the other for the full DLC version. The download link is the text directly above those two buttons.

I looked all over and I guess I missed that link. I ended up adding Sims 4 to my wishlist, then going to my wishlist and “buying” it from there.

I had to log out and back in a few times before I could add Sims to my library instead of getting the gift option.

Fanatical’s $5 Uprising Bundle has Oriental Empires, Snake Pass, Asura, Fantasy Versus, Smoke and Sacrifice, Masquerada, Republique, Lifeless Planet, Ziggurat, and Tracks.

In addition to the excellent Uprising Bundle listed above, Fanatical also has Early Access zombie survival game MIST : Survival as the Star Deal today for $6.59 (40%).

Fans of casual time management strategy games can get a great deal on the 12 Labors of Hercules Complete Bundle which contains the entire 8 game franchise (incl. Platinum Editions for games 4-7) for only $1.00. That’s a steal.

Day 7 of the GMG Birthday Sale features Ubisoft games as the Flash Deals.

  • FarCry 5 - $17.03 (72%)
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey - $25.80 (57%)
  • For Honor - $13.76 (66%)
  • Soul Calibur VI - $17.95 (70%)
  • Dark Souls 3 - $13.20 (78%)
  • plus DLC and special editions for each also discounted

Fantastic deal. For me it’s a great game.

Deep Rock Galactic is 33% off

I can second the love for Soul Calibur. I think it’s the low-key best fighting game of this generation.

Its great, wish I had more friends playing it.

I’m inclined to agree. For people interested in single player, it’s definitely the best of this generation by far.

Stop selling me another game i don’t have time to play, rhamorim!

Seriously though, I’ve always loved this franchise, from the very first back on Dreamcast (and Soul Blade before that, even). The only reason I haven’t snapped this up is that I have a geriatric processor and a GTX 1050 and am concerned it won’t run for crap.

How good is the DLC, or is that more for multiplayer?

The DLC is three characters right now- Tira, 2B, and Amy, the 4th will be Cassandra, and two fairly decent sets of armor if you’re into dressing up your characters (Customization is as good as other SC games)

GTX1050 will run SC6, that’s the min spec for the game, and Namco fighters tend to run below spec. You’ll at least be able to run it on min settings.

The game’s multiplayer is still alive on PC, and should remain stable for a good while, but folks are generally decent at the game so it’s a hard climb on ranked.