Bargain Thread 2019

Their interface remains horrible at all times. :)

That is much more usable, thanks!

The WinGameStore seems to have some good deals today, including Wreckfest for $20.24

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 for 5 dollars on the WinGame Store! It is probably the second best game in the series.

At some point I bought the Tribes of the East expansion for that on Steam because supposedly the base game wasn’t necessary-- is that true?

That’s true. Tribes unlocks all the factions, plus the alternative unit upgrades. You don’t get all the scenarios or maps but is that necessary?

Well, I don’t particularly play strategy games multiplayer, so the scenarios/missions are what I usually play. But I assume Tribes comes with its own set of those.

Yes, it has a few campaigns. Undead and Orcs mostly, but you are jumping in at the end of the campaign.

And it has a few other stand along scenarios as well.

You can get the original maps and missions, there was a mod somewhere.

This might be talking about it but not sure:

And today, Wreckfest is even cheaper at $17.99! It’s taunting me to buy it now.

But what if its a humble monthly bundle headliner before the end of the year!

It’s nearing that price point.

Good point! I shall resist and instead play some of the Oregon DLC for American Truck Simulator, which I just bought this week (the DLC, that is–had the base game for a while). I shall enjoy the scenic wonders of the state I live in. :)

The glory of…Hermiston and Baker City :)

25% off RAGE 2 @ GMG , sadly a Bethesda Key.

I’ll play Rage 2 when it shows up on Game Pass in 2 months.

/remind me Aug 1 2019

It’s back to being called just Baker, last I heard. And Hermiston is famous for its watermelons! But point taken. I have a certain affection for the part of the state just past the Blue Mountains because my late dad grew up on a family farm/ranch near La Grande.

I wonder if the sim has the truck failed-brake grades/traps on I-84 that they do IRL coming down the Blues.

Or if there’s a simulated Ore Ida company in the game.

I should probably just buy the damn thing and find out myself.

I’m looking for deals on the Total War: Warhammer game(s). Especially as it sounds like you want to own both and run the original campaign in TW:WH2.

I figure I’m waiting until the Summer Sale…

I assume you already know about the isthereanydeal site, right? I’m also interested in those titles (but who knows when I’d have time to play them). as well.