Bargain Thread 2019

That is much more usable, thanks!

The WinGameStore seems to have some good deals today, including Wreckfest for $20.24

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 for 5 dollars on the WinGame Store! It is probably the second best game in the series.

At some point I bought the Tribes of the East expansion for that on Steam because supposedly the base game wasn’t necessary-- is that true?

That’s true. Tribes unlocks all the factions, plus the alternative unit upgrades. You don’t get all the scenarios or maps but is that necessary?

Well, I don’t particularly play strategy games multiplayer, so the scenarios/missions are what I usually play. But I assume Tribes comes with its own set of those.

Yes, it has a few campaigns. Undead and Orcs mostly, but you are jumping in at the end of the campaign.

And it has a few other stand along scenarios as well.

You can get the original maps and missions, there was a mod somewhere.

This might be talking about it but not sure:

And today, Wreckfest is even cheaper at $17.99! It’s taunting me to buy it now.

But what if its a humble monthly bundle headliner before the end of the year!

It’s nearing that price point.

Good point! I shall resist and instead play some of the Oregon DLC for American Truck Simulator, which I just bought this week (the DLC, that is–had the base game for a while). I shall enjoy the scenic wonders of the state I live in. :)

The glory of…Hermiston and Baker City :)

25% off RAGE 2 @ GMG , sadly a Bethesda Key.

I’ll play Rage 2 when it shows up on Game Pass in 2 months.

/remind me Aug 1 2019

It’s back to being called just Baker, last I heard. And Hermiston is famous for its watermelons! But point taken. I have a certain affection for the part of the state just past the Blue Mountains because my late dad grew up on a family farm/ranch near La Grande.

I wonder if the sim has the truck failed-brake grades/traps on I-84 that they do IRL coming down the Blues.

Or if there’s a simulated Ore Ida company in the game.

I should probably just buy the damn thing and find out myself.

I’m looking for deals on the Total War: Warhammer game(s). Especially as it sounds like you want to own both and run the original campaign in TW:WH2.

I figure I’m waiting until the Summer Sale…

I assume you already know about the isthereanydeal site, right? I’m also interested in those titles (but who knows when I’d have time to play them). as well. is better as they have a deeper database of price histories, though gg has a better mobile site.