Bargain Thread 2019

Humble has a retro sale going on:

Epic store has some super ubi deals. 5$ each

$5 for literally hundreds of hours of gaming in each of those titles.

$15 for 3 games? I will be able to play 100s of games for 1 month for that price on Uplay+

@lordkosc gave clear instructions that I wasn’t to buy anything for more than a dollar, sorry!

I am nearing the threshold where publishers are going to have to pay me to own their games.

It will be similar to these kids today being called product influencers. But while they get paid to play their games online and stream them. I will get paid to own their games and backlog them.

Publishers should pay me to sell my games back to them, so I can play their new ones.

Truly you are a wise man.

Epic is like that overly-enthusiastic dog that won’t leave you alone. You’re already giving away a free game per week! Why do you also need to lose $10 per game ‘sale’? It’s like they have SO much Fortnite money, they honestly don’t know what to do with it.

It is an interesting economic experiment, though. If you don’t care how much money you lose, how much of the market can you just outright buy through overt bribery and lavish giveaways, despite your platform having no actual merits.

It worked on me. I bought both Journey and Satisfactory, and I wouldn’t have done that without the $10 off.

Mind you, I’d much rather they do this than their exclusives BS.

It really is. I get a lot of people here are excited about the new Microsoft subscription, but my guess is that won’t reach remotely as wide a customer base as Epic’s free games will.

Sure. Free is free after all.

I think the more important question is what revenue comes from people adding free EGS games to their backlog by turning into paying customers, versus the revenue MS gets for the subs and DLC?

We’ll obviously never see data on this, but I’d be incredibly curious to find out.

I mean, it’s a no-brainer. If I can get a couple months of MS subs for a few dollars and get brand new games vs buying the exclusives on EGS, I’ll go for the former. This option just opened up though, so it’ll take a while for everyone to realize it’s available and take advantage of it.

Twitch Prime has given away a ton of free games that I just activate and forget about. Never installed the Twitch client and those dozens of free games never translated into any purchases from me.

To be fair, that’s mostly on Twitch. They never actually opened a decent store. They just did the first part of the store thing without finishing it off and then forgot about it. One might say they pulled a google.

That’s why I laugh when people say exclusives are absolutely necessary for a store to compete, and give previous efforts as proof. Every previous effort is either half-assed, incompetent or lacks money.

I didn’t even know they had a store.

It’s almost like a large, Chinese nationalist gaming corporation, known for F2P and intrusive advertising, is backing Epic.

Free games from Epic: giving away the razor. You’re the razor blades.