Bargain Thread 2019

It is an interesting economic experiment, though. If you don’t care how much money you lose, how much of the market can you just outright buy through overt bribery and lavish giveaways, despite your platform having no actual merits.

It worked on me. I bought both Journey and Satisfactory, and I wouldn’t have done that without the $10 off.

Mind you, I’d much rather they do this than their exclusives BS.

It really is. I get a lot of people here are excited about the new Microsoft subscription, but my guess is that won’t reach remotely as wide a customer base as Epic’s free games will.

Sure. Free is free after all.

I think the more important question is what revenue comes from people adding free EGS games to their backlog by turning into paying customers, versus the revenue MS gets for the subs and DLC?

We’ll obviously never see data on this, but I’d be incredibly curious to find out.

I mean, it’s a no-brainer. If I can get a couple months of MS subs for a few dollars and get brand new games vs buying the exclusives on EGS, I’ll go for the former. This option just opened up though, so it’ll take a while for everyone to realize it’s available and take advantage of it.

Twitch Prime has given away a ton of free games that I just activate and forget about. Never installed the Twitch client and those dozens of free games never translated into any purchases from me.

To be fair, that’s mostly on Twitch. They never actually opened a decent store. They just did the first part of the store thing without finishing it off and then forgot about it. One might say they pulled a google.

That’s why I laugh when people say exclusives are absolutely necessary for a store to compete, and give previous efforts as proof. Every previous effort is either half-assed, incompetent or lacks money.

I didn’t even know they had a store.

It’s almost like a large, Chinese nationalist gaming corporation, known for F2P and intrusive advertising, is backing Epic.

Free games from Epic: giving away the razor. You’re the razor blades.

I’m definitely in the Epic critic camp, but let’s correct this before it blows up: their money comes from Fortnite and from selling shares in the company after Fornite blew up to non-Chinese investors. Tencent lucked into almost-owning them, having bought their shares before Fortnite at what is now a bargain price. I’m sure Tencent loves having made that investment, but it’s not Tencent money flowing through Epic’s veins – it’s not even required given their Fortnite cash.

Due to their pricing structure, those effectively $5 games in the US are reduced to just below the discount boundary in the UK, so cost significantly more.

Oh well, saves me adding things to my backlog.

The Uplay games should be free in September, so there’s that… Or is that not true for the UK?

More game deals, less Epic Games talk plzkthx!

In an attempt to outdo their own loot crate model, Fanatical has launched a new blind gambling bundle called The Magnificent Mystery Machine, and nope, Scooby is not included. What is included is 1-10 mystery Steam keys for $1.00 (1) - $6.99 (10).

Some info on what people have received is here, and apparently five random lucky customers will receive a super loot crate with $1000 worth of AAA releases. Color me unimpressed as this spirals more and more toward legalized gambling.

On a much better note, Fanatical also has a new Buy More, Save More Daedalic Publisher Sale happening. Tons of titles from the publisher marked down significantly, and the more games you add to your cart, the steeper the discount gets for each one.

Steam has the interesting looking Examina as a Daily Deal for $11.24 (25%). It’s a little like if Dark Souls was a physics-based ARPG.

Also on Midweek Madness Sale, Kingdoms and Castles for $6.99 (30%), the American Truck Simulator Franchise for up to 80% off, and Ni No Kuni II : Revenant Kingdom for $29.99 (50%).

It’s definitely gambling, but it doesn’t impact gameplay on any of those games and I’m not against gambling in of itself, so that’s perfectly fine by me.

Enter the Gungeon is currently free on the Epic Games Store. Next week’s free title is Rebel Galaxy.

Still getting e-mails about Satisfactory for $10 off. What’s the consensus on this after a few months live?

Fanatical Star Deal today is Assassin’s Creed Origins : Gold Edition for $27.49 (73%). Gold Edition is everything Origins, including the Deluxe pack and the Season Pass.

Old school Bioware RPG fans can also get Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic I & II bundled for $2.99.

Humble Store has a City Builder Weekend Sale featuring discounts up to 90% on a bunch of games. Cities Skylines Franchise, Tropico Franchise, Two Point Hospital and DLC, and many more.