Bargain Thread 2019

I’m definitely in the Epic critic camp, but let’s correct this before it blows up: their money comes from Fortnite and from selling shares in the company after Fornite blew up to non-Chinese investors. Tencent lucked into almost-owning them, having bought their shares before Fortnite at what is now a bargain price. I’m sure Tencent loves having made that investment, but it’s not Tencent money flowing through Epic’s veins – it’s not even required given their Fortnite cash.

Due to their pricing structure, those effectively $5 games in the US are reduced to just below the discount boundary in the UK, so cost significantly more.

Oh well, saves me adding things to my backlog.

The Uplay games should be free in September, so there’s that… Or is that not true for the UK?

More game deals, less Epic Games talk plzkthx!

In an attempt to outdo their own loot crate model, Fanatical has launched a new blind gambling bundle called The Magnificent Mystery Machine, and nope, Scooby is not included. What is included is 1-10 mystery Steam keys for $1.00 (1) - $6.99 (10).

Some info on what people have received is here, and apparently five random lucky customers will receive a super loot crate with $1000 worth of AAA releases. Color me unimpressed as this spirals more and more toward legalized gambling.

On a much better note, Fanatical also has a new Buy More, Save More Daedalic Publisher Sale happening. Tons of titles from the publisher marked down significantly, and the more games you add to your cart, the steeper the discount gets for each one.

Steam has the interesting looking Examina as a Daily Deal for $11.24 (25%). It’s a little like if Dark Souls was a physics-based ARPG.

Also on Midweek Madness Sale, Kingdoms and Castles for $6.99 (30%), the American Truck Simulator Franchise for up to 80% off, and Ni No Kuni II : Revenant Kingdom for $29.99 (50%).

It’s definitely gambling, but it doesn’t impact gameplay on any of those games and I’m not against gambling in of itself, so that’s perfectly fine by me.

Enter the Gungeon is currently free on the Epic Games Store. Next week’s free title is Rebel Galaxy.

Still getting e-mails about Satisfactory for $10 off. What’s the consensus on this after a few months live?

Fanatical Star Deal today is Assassin’s Creed Origins : Gold Edition for $27.49 (73%). Gold Edition is everything Origins, including the Deluxe pack and the Season Pass.

Old school Bioware RPG fans can also get Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic I & II bundled for $2.99.

Humble Store has a City Builder Weekend Sale featuring discounts up to 90% on a bunch of games. Cities Skylines Franchise, Tropico Franchise, Two Point Hospital and DLC, and many more.


You build a city of coasters!

OK, no, you really don’t. In fact, the whole thing is pretty “meh” compared to past Roller Coaster Tycoon games. Pretty though.

Yeah, why isn’t the FAR better Parkitect on there if we’re gonna broaden “city builder” this widely? Yeesh what a weird sale.

Yay for Parkitect! I need to put more time into that one. The interface is a bit odd, but on substance it’s pretty great.

Dystopian cyberpunk is very hot right now. Maybe give this a try while waiting for Keanu 2077.

State of Mind for $14.99

And another thing: Don’t you realize data is editable? What if you digitize yourself into a PC and suddenly someone programs you to look like bad movie Sonic? Or what if they change your favorite food to bull testicles? Did you ever consider the possibility that you could become a furry blue testicle-eating maniac with bad teeth? Maybe to some that sounds GREAT, but for others, if you can’t go back to the real world, who’s gonna stop someone out there from messing with you?

If it matters to you, I was about to get this until I noticed there are no random maps, and the developer is adamant that there won’t be.

Even with the non-random map, I feel like it’s a pretty good value for the money, rather than an absolutely insane value, which is what Factorio is.

I mean that’s fair. I just decided to play more Factorio. But I’m just trying to play more of the replayable stuff, and buy less.

Everyone is looking for something different.

This is basically always the right decision.

Toonstruck is available for free on GOG until June 16.

I never played this despite hearing good things about it over the years. And I still have my boxed copy!

Hunt Showdown has a free weekend and sale.

Re-Legion is $10 on Steam and GOG, and slightly cheaper elsewhere, new lowest.