Bargain Thread 2019

You are, uhh, very welcome sir.

Fanatical Star Deal today is Middle Earth Shadow of War : Definitive Edition for $13.19 (78%). That’s a historic low for the game and all it’s DLC.

Some prices have been reduced even further in the Green Man Gaming Summer Sale.

Don’t forget to swing by the Epic Store and claim LIMBO for FREE this week.

$15 Amazon credit for Twitch Prime members (which includes Amazon Prime members) after you buy one of these games:
Last of Us Remastered, PS4, $17.98
Sims 4, PC, $39.99
Fallout 76, PS4, $17.00
Starlink Battle for Atlas, Switch, $29.95
Gears of War 4, XBONE/Windows, $9.89

so if you buy the last one you get a free game and a $5 credit.

Was just coming here to post that. Thanks for the $4.23 (after tax), Amazon.

And no, I didn’t bite on F76, even for two dollars. I bought Gears of War and I don’t even own a Xbone.

LOL. I did. I figured my son might enjoy it a tiny bit on the PS4. But, if not, well, two bucks.

They had a free week-long trial last month, and I played more than enough F76. (About 40 minutes.)

Wait, so the credit applies to the game you’re buying?

No, you’ll get a $15 amazon-wide credit in a week. But I mean, you’re gonna spend money at Amazon anyway, right? So you can look at it as a direct credit in your pocket.

How does that GOW4 code work, just register it on the windows store?

Amazon sends you a link direct to microsoft, you login, click a button, and it’s added to your account.

Gotcha, thanks. Will do when I get home. :)

Love taking money from Bezos’ pocket. God knows I’ve put enough in there over the years.

Yeah, you’re right on that score. Is Gears 4 pretty good? I played the first one through on the 360 back when. I’d play it on the PC now… someday.

Given that, I should probably skip it.

LOL! This deal got even better for me since Amazon applied the $5 credit I got for buying a GC on Prime Day, making gears a little over $5 after tax. That $5 credit was going to expire in September, so now I get it replaced with a $15 credit that’s good through December 31st.

Thanks Bezos! (and @wilykat for posting it!)

Beats me, I have no plans to install it, I just wanted Bezos’ five buckaroos.

I don’t know if they sold out of copies or realized their mistake but I GoW is still in the top banner but it is no longer available to buy on that page.

Oh weird, I must’ve just sneaked in before the change. Ridiculous deal on TLOU, easily one of the best PS3/PS4 games ever made.

Yep, everything is over fifteen bucks now. Gotta move fast!

I’ve thought about getting that, since it’s a PS exclusive and so well regarded, but it also sounds like it’s quite the emotional gut punch from what a friend at work tells me about it.

That’s part of what makes it so good, but well worth the journey.