Bargain Thread 2019

Fanatical has Graviteam’s Tank Warfare in a bundle for a fiver. Good game if you’re into that sort of thing.

Damn, I wish Mius Front would hit that price…or anything close to it.

GOG is having a pretty big sale for 2 million wishlists fulfilled or something.

I believe that’s the number of people who voted on those completed wishes, not the total number fulfilled. I was very confused for a few minutes.

Looks like X4: Foundations is going for under 30 on today.

Hacker sale @ Humble Store.

Fanatical Star Deal today is Darksiders III for $17.99 (70%). It’s been cheaper, but not by much.

Humble is having a Big In Japan sale on Japanese published and themed games. Decent savings on lots of titles from SEGA, Bandai Namco, Konami, Idea Factory and more. Turn Up The Radio…

GreenManGaming has Guild of Dungeoneering : Deluxe Edition (contains all of the DLC) for only $8.70 (80%) when you use code AUGUST12.

Steam has over 500 Weeklong Deals this week. Highlights include:

Groove Coaster has a free week and $10 sale.

I guess Ubi is doing a subscription service. You can get it free from Sept 3-Sept 30th, then it’s $15/month. Looks like most everything is on there? So, hey, free month of Anno 1800 or what have you. Check the UPlay client.

Anno 1800 is having a free week, with some restrictions, on Uplay.

I think this is a new low ?


Just a warning, but the two out of three season pass campaign DLC drops so far have NOT been worth it at all. You’d probably be better off just getting the standard edition and save some money.

Everything I’ve heard/read about JC4 is that it’s worse than JC3, which itself was thought by most to be a comedown from JC2.

Lookie what he did there!

My understanding is that the rocket-powered wingsuit only comes in the gold edition or from buying whichever pack that includes it. That was my favorite item from JC3. Still need to see the price drop a lot more before I think about buying it though.

How many of us stopped shopping there due to the Gamergate debacle?

RING Video Doorbell 2 with 12 Months Ring Protect Plus


basically 50 off

Heh, yeah, in their shoes I would have made a change to the name, given the extremely unfortunate coincidental similarly.

It’s also kind of a dumb name. I mean, I for one don’t want to be reminded all the time that I’m some type of “Gamer”.

Yeah, it sounds like it’s straight out of the late 1990s.