Bargain Thread 2019

You can get a Free-to-Keep copy of For Honor (Standard Edition) from the Uplay store if you complete the transaction before August 29th.

Direct link to store page:

My links are for US, but I think this deal is available in other regions.

$3 , its not the newest one, but its pretty similar. :P

Nice Indie Legends IX Bundle live at Fanatical. Three tiers:
Pay $1 for Steam keys to:

  • Warhammer End Times : Vermintide
  • Monstrum
  • Ice Lakes
  • OPUS : The Day We Found Earth

Pay $4.99 and also receive:

  • Windward
  • Tesla vs. Lovecraft
  • 911 Operator
  • Medieval : Kingdom Wars
  • Oriental Empires
  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Pay $7.99 and unlock:

  • Do Not Feed The Monkeys
  • Day of Infamy : Deluxe Edition

Fanatical Star Deal today is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon : Wildlands for $12.49 (75%)

GreenManGaming has Kerbal Space Program for a ridiculous $8.10 (80%) with code AUGUST12 as part of their 2K Games Sale…

Also on offer is Borderlands : The Handsome Collection for a measly $4.84 (93%) with code.

GreenManGaming is also having a sale on Stardock Strategy Titles. Purchase the base gams of Offworld Trading Company, Galactic Civilizations III, Sins of a Solar Empire : Rebellion or Ashes of the Singularty : Escalation at 66% off (plus another 12% with code AUGUST12) and you’ll get an additional 15% off voucher for DLC bundles that are already on sale for 50% off.

Meanwhile Steam has Steel Division 2 for $26.79 (33%) along with the just released Reinforcement Pack #1 DLC that is FREE.

Steam is also having a LEGO Franchise Sale with 50-75% off titles in the series.

Missing any Total War DLC? Now is your chance!

Pyre is $6 at GOG right now. At that price I am quite tempted. It always seemed pretty interesting.

Fez is free from Epic right now, I guess. I tried playing that one way back and the constant background rotation made me absolutely sick to my, well, to my head rather than my stomach, but I was unable to continue.

So I’m looking at buying the DLC for Hacknet (Labyrinths) and its soundtrack on the Humble store, and for the OST it says “does not support Windows.” Is it actually a direct download of the audio files from the Humble site? Because for this thing it shows no Steam logo anywhere:

That’s an oddly specific question. But seeing as almost everything else seems to have the Steam icon, my instinct agrees with yours.

BUY IT NOW $20 price error!!!


Thanks for the heads up. I just didn’t think the first was that great.

For $20, I will dip my toe in again at release. :)

I am almost done the first game, I like the setting and the premise, just wish for less access tunnels of sameness.

And its dead…

Thanks, maybe.

Currently Not Being Sold

This product may come back at a later date, or not. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What happens with a price error like this? Does the store have to pay the Publisher/Developer for the difference for any copies sold with the error?

No judgment on my part, I’m just ignorant of the details.

Per Reddit, this will not be honored by wingamestore due to price error. So expect cancellation email shortly.

Yep its a crapshoot. :)

Hope for the best.

Some free weekends on Steam:

Fanatical Summer Sale is heating up with Flash Deals. A new deal is added to the list every hour. Save an extra 10% with code FANATICAL10 at checkout. So far the reveals include:

  • Record of Agarest War - Marriage : Deluxe Bundle - $7.82 with code
  • Monster Hunter World - $24.30 with code
  • Road Redemption - $6.11 with code
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 - $2.92 with code
  • Observer - $6.75 with code

Flash Deals last 48 hours, with a new deal every hour for the first 26 hours.

Fanatical Star Deal today is Shadow of the Tomb Raider : Croft Edition for $32.39 (64%)

Steam has tactical turn-based puzzler RPG Druidstone : Secret of Menhir Forest for $14.99 (40%), a historic low.

Saw this pop up on my feed and thought it was a hidden object game. Bad name.

So all the Fanatical Flash Deals are now live, and there are a couple you shouldn’t miss out on.

Book of Demons is $10.12 with code FANATICAL10. That’s a historic low, and honestly everyone should own this game. It’s design is unique, the art style is very appealing, the music is excellent, and the gameplay fast, furious and addicting. Stop reading this and go buy it.

Thief Deadly Shadows Pack is $5.40 with code. Contains Thief and Thief Deadly Shadows.

Viking age RTS Ancestor’s Legacy is $12.59 with code, which is a historic low.

Feeling like a RTS game nostalgia trip? Warlords Battlecry III is $1.79 with code.

Try out Early Access Norse Mythology online sandbox survival RPG Valnir Rok for only $0.89 (95% off) with code.

Finally, get the Strategy Legends Bundle for $8.99 with code. Contains Distant Worlds Universe, Pandora : First Contact, and Star Hammer : The Vanguard Prophecy.

For an even better deal, with each purchase of a flash deal you’ll get a 12% off coupon good on your next purchase. So start with something cheap, like Warlords Battlecry III or Valnir Rok (or there are several other games under $3), then turn around and use the code to save a little extra on a larger purchase like Monster Hunter World, OverCooked 2, Ancestor’s Legacy or Book of Demons.

Sale ends in 33 hours, so get your bargain on soon!

No. Play the demo first. I did and found it completely underwhelming. I would never pick this over a proper ARPG or action game. Maybe it’s suitable if you’re very pressed for time or casual or don’t mind the on-rails movement and lack of animation.